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KC Premier / Scam artists

1 3115 Merriam LaneKansas City, KS, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 913-432-5131

After a month long job hunt I was pleased to get a call from a company looking for employees on a Monday afternoon. After answering the call I became frustrated when the girls phone kept cutting out. I was having a hard time hearing who she was and where she was calling from. Finally after a few tries I was able to hear her clearly.

She told me that she was calling from KC Premier which was a company that dealt mainly with Health and Fitness. She asked if I was working or still looking for employment. I informed her that I was still looking for a job. As I began talking to her I looked over the notebook of places I had applied for jobs with, Only to discover that KC Premier wasn't one of them. Perhaps she got my phone number off of my resume I had posted online...

She then proceeded to ask me what my past employment history involved. After listing the numerous retail jobs I'd worked during my college days she told me that their company positions would involve NETWORKING, and communications with people and asked if I'd be interested. Being the skeptic I am I asked her if the position would be a sales type position. She told me that they did have SOME sales type positions. I immediately told her that I was not interested in sales and that I was looking for more of a clerical type position. She told me they had positions available like that too. WOW a company that has any job your looking for!

She then proceeded to set up a time when we could meet on a Monday afternoon at 1:00. She gave me the address and told me that KC Premier was located at I-35 and lamer. NOTE: I was familiar with the area because I used to live right off of the same exit. She told me that they were near the railroad tracks in a building titled Business Center and that I'd see Sports car shop when I pulled in. She told me that they were on the second floor and to tell the secretary that I was there to meet her.

When I realized where she was located I asked her if that was where I'd be working because that was too far of a drive for me. She told me that they had many employees who commute to other locations from independence and overland park but that she wasn't sure which one was closest to me. I then asked her if I needed to bring a resume or cover letter. She told me that it wasn't mandatory but recommended. She also proceeded to tell me that if the interview went well that I should make sure to have ID's and other forms of identification with me so that I wouldn't have to come back.

Right as I was about to hang up I realized that she'd never given me her number. I asked and she apologized and said her name was Anna and to reach her at [protected]. After I hung up the phone I got a bad feeling so I decided to do some research to see if I had perhaps applied for a job with them and just forgotten. After searching the internet I found nothing other than another report on similar to mine. I decided to call her number to try and get some more information only to get her voice mail with her full name Anna Marello (spelling might not be correct). I hung up and didn't leave a message. Needless to say I do not need a job from a company that is reported on I'm so glad that I didn't go into that building alone.

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  • Am
      10th of Jul, 2008
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    I was very thankful to find this information online. My husband received a call the other day for a very great employment opportunity, well thats what the lady said. While talking to her he couldn't help but to wonder if he had applied with her company. She began with telling him the company name was A & E and was located at 3115 merriam ln. in K.C.K. She asked about his employment history and when he responded she said he would be great for the job. She set up an interview for a Thursday afternoon at 1:00. After hanging up with her he gave me the information she had given him. We both for some reason had a bad feeling about it. I started to search the web for information about the company and found nothing but [redacted]s. He called the number she had given him 913-432-5131 only to get a voice mail for ANNA MORELLO . The same name off the complaints that we had read. So thank you very much for posting your complaint.

  • Am
      16th of Aug, 2008
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    This company is actually a front office for Symmetry Direct.
    They are calling all over the country asking if people are looking for employment opportunities.
    What they do is get you into their over-hyped sales presentation, and they try to get you to join their MLM scam.
    I know. I was suckered into a meeting in Grand Rapids Michigan.
    They suck.

  • Br
      2nd of Oct, 2008
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    Thanks for posting this, I was getting ready to go see them and was in process of Mapquesting the directions. At the last second, I decided to conduct a search and found this. I H-A-T-E network marketing!!!

  • St
      6th of May, 2009
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    They called me too, only I spoke to a Brian McQuinn. My husband thought this sounded fishy and he checked them out. I'm glad I didn't go in!


  • Pi
      21st of Aug, 2009
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    I also recieved a call from this company saying they had a part time employment oppurtunity at a "wellneess center" and I asked how she got my number and she said that colleges and universities suggested people to them. Having filled out an application for student employment the previous week, I bought it. I used to go to a wellness center and thought it was worth looking into. I went in and saew business people standing around and I met the girl who called me and she was really nice and talked to me. So, we sat down and I was not expecting anything like what they showed me. A man started talking about this "Miracle Nutrition Supplement" called Genesis. He had several stories to back it up, sooo I bought into this. They got me excited about it and I ended up signing up for this SOS workshop costing me $195. She sat me down at the laptop with the website pulled up and I filled everything out. Not until AFTER I paid the "fee" did she give me the contract that said the "sale" was final and non-refundable. Not anywhere in the "session" did they say it was non-refundable. Only the spokesperson said that if you sign up for this workshop and don't have a good-time that he would refund your money personally. Not feeling completely comfortable with this, I went home and told my mom. She did some research online and read reviews. She read one to me that was spelling out all of the high pressure sales tactics that they WERE using during this session (giving each "noob" a sales rep to accompany them, the sales reps agreeing and getting excited about the products and the simpleness of the business) I called her that night leaving a voicemail saying i didn't want to go to the workshop and I wanted a refund. She called me the following morning saying "What happened?? I thought we were all cool last night. I mean you had fun playing the Wii and eating pizza, right?" She tried talking me back into it and said "What are you going to do? Go get a job? Go back to Burger King?" I don't remember my response but to me, that is a warning sign that they are not a professional business. She also gave me her business card which says nothing about her connection to "Symmetry Direct", only her phone numbers, her name, slogans saying "Live well...Longer" and "contact "this number" for your free wellness consultation" I mean, is that right to be so misleading if your company isn't a scheme????? This occured at 900 47th st SW in Wyoming MI. I had to end up contacting "Rhino State University" requesting a refund becuase I was NOT attending the "motivational" workshop. I have not heard back from them yet. I don't know if they are a scheme or not, I just don't trust them...

    ~A regretful 19 year old...

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