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Bought this bike with intentions of easy trail riding and back road riding. The bike has been maintained in excess of recomended service, and i have used only kawasaki fluids and filters, as well as correct fuel octane and OEM parts (except battery). The piece of crap doesnt start without removing seat and air box top and air filter then spraying starting fluid into intake while cranking. (6 bolts and 5 minutes total, used to take longer, but practice makes perfect.) Once its started, i can ride it fine. Doesn't have any power and the thing is heavier than any other 250 i know of. Once its up to temperature, i can shut it off and restart it. But i have to make sure its not off long! if it cools down, theres no hope for starting it. Cant clean the bike with a hose and expect it to start after either without the starting fluid. The blinkers on the back broke off. Im not sure why, i was riding through an open field (no major bumps, trees, or sticks) and smelled my plastic blinker burning on the exhaust. Broke on the weld where it is attatched to rack. Same situation on the other side a week later, except there was no muffler for it to melt to, so it got smashed up on the frame. In the woods, it is apparent that it's too heavy for a 250. Plus, its geared for the road and has no low end torque for going over logs. Any power from the engine only comes after [protected] rpm. On the road, it aint bad. Just gotta be careful to make sure you dont end up having to accelerate, cuz it wont do it. Careful on turns too, back will wobble like a s.o.b. Stopping is tricky with the squishy suspension. So as long as you dont have to accelerate, turn, or stop, its great on the road. (note sarcasam). My close friend bought a 2010 klx250s (same bike, just newer). I tried to warn him, but he didnt listen. Now, he owes 3, 000 bucks on it and it wont start without starting fluid! His only has 350 miles on it and looks new, never seen dirt. His bike now sits in my garage cuz he doesnt wanna deal with it. In fact, it sits next to my 250 and my brute force 650 (which also doesnt run). I understand it is hard to find good compromises when building a duo purpose bike, but it seems like kawai did the worst job they could when designing this bike. I don't even beat on it.In fact, im aftaid to ride the thing because i know something else will break. I would sell it, but unlike kawasaki i have a conscience and cant sell something so worthless to honest people.

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