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Kathleen Cooper / Awful experience

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As I was walking down the block i saw this woman outside smacking her son across the face, then punching him in the stomach he couldn't have been more than 11 years old. when i yelled for her to pick on someone her own size she flipped me off then grabbed him by the neck and literally threw him inside the house! after i saw that appalling scene i picked up my cell phone and looked up CPS, I told them what i saw and they said they will investigate this claim and thats all she could tell me at this time.

Well not being satisfied with that answer and not wanting a child beater to get away with it I decided to look up her info. according to my records her name is Kathleen Cooper and is on welfare (big surprise there! a lot of welfare receipts beat their children) I also found out that her children are not vaccinated. I will follow up with this story to see what happened with the CPS report hopefully they do something about her, mothers should not beat their children. Please, anyone in sarasota please report her and help get those poor kids taken away.

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  • Br
      17th of May, 2009
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    Ok this is how the state works wonders"they take the kids that dont need to be taken"and the ones that do they dont TRUST ME...Here in the south it is so common I have a few cop buddies that can tell u how poorly the state is on this issue...Poor lil guys...When will parents stop abusing there kids... When ppl hit there children it sends a message that it is ok to be hit as an adult ... So my advice to any parent is that if u are mad and your child has done something horrible wait til u calm down to punish them... Grounding is better ... It teaches displine and it makes them relieze they cannot act that way

  • Ez
      17th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Who the ### are you? "A lot of welfare receipts (recipients) beat their children." And how do you know? You know, EVERYONE used to beat their children when they deserved it, and the world was a much more well-behaved place. For all you know, that kid just tried to rape his cousin, sometimes kids deserve a beating. Mind your own ###ing business. Grounding is better? Yeah, I really remember the time I got grounded for a week for not cleaning my room. Wait, no, that was the time I got the ### kicked out of me for telling my mom to ### off. I still don't clean my room. I speak to my mother with a tongue of gold and dishsoap.

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