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Kasey Collins - Misrepresented horse / Misrepresented horse

1 2383 W. St. Rd. 14 Silver Lake, IN, United States

This is a warning for anyone looking to purchase a horse from Kasey Collins of Silver Lake, Indiana. She is also d.b.a. (doing business as) Collins Creek Farms.

Kasey Collins advertised a 14 year old kid safe horse on the website and also on (unsure of any other websites she may have used also). I contacted her and spoke with her about the mare. I let her know that this was going to be the first pony for a 5 year old child. She assured me that the pony was bomb proof (bombproof), completely safe, anyone can ride, could be used as lesson horse, etc., etc. She also told me several times "You will not be disappointed in this horse". After several very believable conversations with Miss Collins, I agreed to go look at the mare.

When I arrived the mare was in a paddock with her 3 month old foal. Miss Collins put the foal in the barn, and saddled the mare. The mare didn't seemed bothered at all that her foal was just taken away for the very first time. Well, Miss Collins made note of that and I thought the mare seemed really calm, given her foal was not at her side. I let my daughter on with me at her side, the mare seemed calm and didn't really want to move. Miss Collins jumped on with her and made the mare move. Miss Collins told me you would really have to push her to go into any gate besides a walk. As I was leaving, she got another call about the mare from another lady. Miss Collins put the lady on hold until she got an answer from me whether I wanted her or not, so I didn't want to miss out on a "bomb proof, kid safe, perfect beginner or lesson horse" so I agreed on a purchase price and delivery date.

When the mare was delivered to my house 30 days later, she seemed very energetic and full of life. I thought she was excited about her new surroundings and gave her time to adjust. When a couple of months past she didn't seem to settle down at all. Anytime I lead my daughter around on her she would spook at anything and everything. Even experienced riders said she was hard to handle. Then the mare went into heat, oh my gosh, she tried to mount me and my husband several times. She acted like a stud, she was snorting, whinning and squeling.

I called Kasey Collins and explained everything to her about the mare's actions and behavior. Miss Collins replies were it's probably the feed, hay, pasture and even my skills. I asked for a full or parial refund, as I could not resell her as child safe, beginner or lesson horse. She no longer wanted to talk with me anymore.

Now, as to Miss Collin's claims of the pony being bombproof, kid safe and a perfect beginner or lesson horse. This appears to be untrue. My niece has been riding horses for 20 years + and the mare was wanting to take off with her. She spins, throws her head, and had to be held tight in the bridle just to keep her at a walk. She hasn't even attempted to trot and canter her - as she was barely responding to her at a walk. Hardly appropriate for a kid's horse. I am not comfortable putting ANY child on this horse, experienced or not. I would not put a beginner adult on her either.

Miss Collins knew fully well that this pony was to be a childs first horse - per my discussions with her. This mare is certainly not ideal for a young rider just learning to ride. I find that she is an unsuitable mount for a child period.

I feel that the lack of ethics exhibited by Kasey Collins (d.b.a. Collins Creek Farms) is deplorable and unforgivable. There were absolutely no attempts to contact me, offer for a full or partial refund, to simply apologize, express any sort of surprise at the news.

It is irrelevant to me whether Miss Collins is too uneducated about horses to know that a horse is "your next kids learn how to ride mare" or not. Either way, I find it very disturbing that she continues to advertise and sell horses that are not as they are represented to be. I would hope that this should be enough to deter anyone from purchasing a horse from her. Obviously, I feel that this horse was grossly misrepresented as does many other horse people/people that I have spoken with. In sum, if any one is looking to purchase a horse from this person, I highly recommend that you take the facts of my situation into consideration and make a wise decision about whether you should purchase or not. I would hate to see yet another person in the same difficult situation that our family has been put into.


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