Karine Martirosyan, MPH / Harassment

1 Westborough, MA, United States

I report on a cruel Armenian Internet crime and harassment by Karine Martirosyan (DOB: 10/22/1966) residing in Westborough, MA . I am a victim of her continuous intrusions into my PC, extortions, hacking my passwords, using my emails to mask communication with others, and forging the mail headers. She also opens fake [protected] email address and the like, and sends those to the custormer to hack their files with the helo of Trojan Horse and backdoor malware.

Karine Martirosyan is a professional social-security-number hunter and ID fraud. Report this coin artist whenever you get suspicious emails. Her name was enlisted in the official website in August 25, 2010 and Karine Martirosyan paid a fine to delete that record. She was also fired from HeadStart Children Services for her apparent falsehoods.

Jul 13, 2015

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