Karine Martirosyan, MD, MPH / fled from criminal prosecution

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FLED from prosecution
Karine Martirosyan (armenian MD, MPH), working at 178 Tremont street, and her husband Paul E. Noroian (an OD in Psych in Worcester, bachelor's degree) have FLED from Westborough/MA to Roxburry/MA to avoid a prosecution for criminal IT conspiracy and malicious harassment, for what they have been ridiculed in Westborough community. Before making "moves in the USA," Karine Martirosyan has been FIRED from Doctor's of the World Kosovo project in Gjilan in 2002, for document falsifications, poor orientation in her interim role of a project 2001, Karine Martirosyan (DOB 10/22/1966) has been FIRED from Armenia from the Research Center for Maternal Child Health Protection (22 Mashtots ave, Yerevan 375002, Armenia) for truity, continous and malicious conducts of torts and discords, together with her "tea-party-friend" Marina Mkhitaryan (current Watertown/MA residentMarina Noble): the latter has worked in that center for one month only, and has been FIRED too, for a crime related to a birth metrics falsification for a small pocket-bribe, for sexual profanity in the workplace, for sexually harassing married male and female doctors, and overall, for being UNFIT for the center's environment. She then has attempted to freelance at the Doctors without boarders in far Gyumri, Armenia where she has been FIRED again, after her one month conduct.

Mar 01, 2013
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  • Ch
      May 24, 2015

    There are several posts about me (Marina Noble, MPH, former Marine Mkhitaryan) in this website and other websites. The posts were placed by Karine Martirosyan, fake MD, MPH, who resides in Westborough, MA, and was fired from the Headstart ABCD Children Services in Boston for her falsehood, exhibiting unstable, narcissistic, and aggressive behavior, and more especially, after she started placing libels about her coworkers in Headstart, as well as defamatory posts about Zlatka Russinova and E. Sally Rogers - coordinators of psychiatric rehabilitation program at Boston University (where Karine was seeking for psychiatric rehabilitation and vocational recovery services). Karine Martirosyan has been constantly FLED from prosecution, and currently is a law fugitive.

    I worked with Karine Martirosyan in the same clinic years ago in Armenia...Karine posts my and my friends' pictures, names, DOBs and addresses, and more personal info ...If you search my name, William Noble or Arevik Melkonyan, you will find posts under different names, and everybody's personal information. Please contact me if you have any questions about her postings, and I will discuss the situation in detail if you'd like.

    Karine-the rat: thank you for posting my phone number, so people can call me, and I will be happy to answer any questions regarding yours vs. my credentials, life etc.

    Karine could use her unemployment years to write a book at least, but she is an empty and primitive person, who cannot put two ideas together and who is deprived of creativity. Her nickname is HITLER in the Armenian community of MA. I used to feel pity for her not having a happy life, when she grew in a poor, crowded, and peasant family in remote Spitak village of Armenia, attempted and failed to get a proper education and started her "pathetic career" too late when she was an old wrinkled woman; when she had no marriage offers and was an old spinster, pleasing different men in Armenia with ORAL SEX. Karine was so ugly, empty, and repelling (both before and after her nasal plastic surgery) that no one would wish to treat her a cup of coffee even under the rain check. She was very evil and calculative. This girl deserves is deprived for emotions and ability to love. She hooked an idiot in Armenia, in 1997 and got divorced in two months, after her first ex discovered that being just married Karine was looking for sugar daddies who could bring her to the USA. When she finally arrived in the USA, she lost no moment to harass the Armenian community insisting them to find a "rich husband" for her. She did not find a rich one, but at least she found an autistic psychologist, Paul Noroian, who can at least "treat her domestically" remotely from the public eye to hide her apparent and unfortunate mental defects. I am sure Karine pays her gratitude by giving her husband oral sex on daily basis. .. I also used to pity for her for having two terrible and repelling gipsy children, untalented, and peasant - just like her. ... Now I don't feel sorry for her...since she has included me and my friends names among her many destructive and demented tirades against those former friends who were unable to help her.

    Karine's elder son, Rouben, was was only 5 years old when several times he was found abandoned on the streets of Westborough and Worcester. She states, that she never lived in Watertown...??? before her marriage, which actually was arranged by me, she was renting one master bedroom in my rented apartment of Winter Street, Watertown. How can she deny that? How can she deny our sorority and frienship??? Check with Watertown police or Somerville police, or simply Zabasearch her name. Check Karine Martirosyan's criminal records in Orlando, FL (for shoplifting); Westborough, MA (for false accusations), Worcester MA (for identity fraud), and Attanta, GA (for stalking and harassing a reputable doctor who she envies for years..). Out of morbid jealousy, Karine wanted to destroy that doctor's career, but she couldn't.

    Once Westborough police found Karine's debil son alone on a public bus, another time at home him home alone, banging the walls of and ceilings with a chair. Karine is neglecting his children and ignoring the fact that her sons need serious attention and cognitive therapy ...she lives in her fantasy world, in love with herself (for nothing...) and thinks that her kids are normal, and therefore harms them. One woman that sheltered her, witnessed that Karine was holding her coffee mug for the son to pee in it...I have witnessed Karine's aggression and craziness, when she sadistically bit her poor husband several times in front of me and other witnesses because the husband couldn't communicate...(he is a man of few words...).

    She states in her posts they my daughter touched his son daughter was only 3 years old at that time, and everybody witnessed the son's (Rouben) aggression to my daughter...Karine Martirosyan keeps pornographic magazines in her home and boxes of alcohol in her fridge. Once, she opened her refrigerator, and I saw at least 22 bottles of vine there. Social services in Westborough know about her, and everybody else should wherever she goes. She states that my husband and I are alcoholics, just because SHE IS.

    I spoke to Paul Noroian (her second husband) per Karine's request. Karine was trying to hurt his reputation as well, calling his workplace and harassing him. Paul told me that Karine is EVIL, and that he had another girlfriend when they …He told me that Karine was stalking him, asking to get her pregnant so she would remain in the USA. Paul E. Noroian told me that the son, Rouben Noroian, has broken his nose and is a rude, vulgar and violent child. He called his own son “Osama Bin Laden”.

    Karine Martirosyan is apparently hurting people who helped her, she has a highly toxic personality, and most probably suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, as she is detached from the reality to recognize her ugliness and limitations. She thinks of herself as on the top of the world, but in fact she is a simpleton Armenian with peasant ancestry and low manners.

    Once I was looking for my friend's Arevik Melkonyan's profile at Facebook, and I found her picture, but profile was stating that Arevik is a lesbian, and she is involved in sex-trade and has STDs...Arevik is my closest friend, she is a sell associate in Massis convenient store on Mt. Auburn street, Watertown, MA. How she can sex-trade??? She is a nice divorced woman, well... with volatile sexual desires that she is having hard time to suppress and control, but it doesn't mean that she must have so many STDs, perhas two or three, but not much...Karine was mockign Arevik and trying to destroy her relationship with her boyfriend. Karine Martirosyan was also stalking and following a reputable doctor, Naira, emailing her father's child with scam emails...I didn’t tell Naira about Karine's criminal activities, just called Karine and asked to cease from harassing Naira. She had also posted false facebook accounts on her name.

    Once, I received a call from Karine Martirosyan telling that she is in New Hamshire, has FLED to avoid Boston University's prosecution. I even offered to call my friend in NH, who has a PET STORE and could suit Karine to groom the pets..

    Karine Martirosyan is currently engaged in attempting to destroy my reputation as well as several other friends and colleagues who have after great effort and sacrifice in the past been unable to help her and her autistic husband achieve a better life after she desperately sought our assistance when her husband was holding his head with both hands and was planning for divorce (apparently to escape the grip of this sadly mentally ill woman). Karine Martirosyan keeps that ruined person bu daily threats to push charges if he will ever divorce her... (the same way she robbed her first husband in Armenia). I personally have taped karine in her shoplifting activities with my cellphone. Her husband does not know that Karine and I were engaged in such things and were getting away easily. Karine is very comfortable for having a idiot Armenian husband. Mine is local...

    Our only mistake here seems to have been the kind act of welcoming her into our life when she was in desperate need, and a week later finding her and her dangerously violent autistic boys a decent basement, after her Rouben injured our then 3 year-old daughter when he sneaked up behind her and forcefully slammed her head backwards to our kitchen floor with all of us, including Karine-the, witnessing, my husband (William Noble) and I in horror.

    Our recommendation is that Karine Martirosyan take advantage of free mental health services that provide developmental help, guidance, and education for autistic families. But she resists, as she is succumbed in strong disbelieve in her children's clear and unfortunate disabilities. Karine began exhibiting terrifying displays of anger, vowing to have vengeance. After I found her an apartment and finally had peace, Karine began causing problems with her new landlords, a wonderfully kind family who had allowed Karine to move into their basement for free, in exchange of cleaning and undusting their house. I soon received a call from them asking how I could have sent such a MONSTER and a dirty calculative woman to live in their home.

    I can understand Karine's suffering, her troubled mind, after all, wherever she goes, she is soon asked to leave, but I cannot imagine any reason why any person would desire to engage in the destruction of the names, careers, and future of the families of those who have opened their charitable hearts to the very troubled Karine Martirosyan. She has to remember the truth that “What goes around comes around.” She is Hitler's admirer, a sly and doubled-face person, who likes to destroy lives and libel her coworkers. Some journalistic sources in Armenia advise that there she was recruited by the Soviet KGB and that her patrons helped her appear in the USA.

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  • Us
      Jun 12, 2019

    @To zACK այ շորերով գիժ, էն լխկած ծիծիկներդ խի էս ի ցույց դրել սաղին Ֆեյսբուկում, այ կուկու?
    այ շորերով գիժ, էն լխկած ծիծիկներդ խի էս ի ցույց դրել սաղին Ֆեյսբուկում, այ կուկու?
    այ շորերով գիժ, էն լխկած ծիծիկներդ խի էս ի ցույց դրել սաղին Ֆեյսբուկում, այ կուկու?
    այ շորերով գիժ, էն լխկած ծիծիկներդ խի էս ի ցույց դրել սաղին Ֆեյսբուկում, այ կուկու?
    այ շորերով գիժ, էն լխկած ծիծիկներդ խի էս ի ցույց դրել սաղին Ֆեյսբուկում, այ կուկու?

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  • Ka
      Feb 20, 2018

    For over a decade or so, a horror named Marine Noble (former name Marine Mkhitaryan), a genuine psychopath, destitute, alcoholic, drug addict, marriage breaker, cruel impersonator, credit card hacker, child abuser, PROSTITUTe, and ugly obese woman inside and out, is engaged day and night, 27/4, 60/60 on deforming and disparaging the images of many good, reputable people, including myself, Karine, my friend Zlatka Russinova, and Naira- the most suffered victim of this demon's hands.

    Nothing told here is with malice. The clean and crystal truth should be known. The public must know this demon, named Marina Noble, who literally had no doors left open in her native Armenia, and divorced there and desperate woman, who corrupted the Edmund Muskie programs's staff in Armenia and sadly emerged in the USA, continuing here to spread malice, make discords, ruin lives and families with the help of nefariously crafted fake email, social media accounts, and direct posts in public domains. Wherever she posts her lengthy demented delusions and tirades, her style and malice are identifiable through her explicit display of a [censor] mind flow.

    Let us inform all, who this monster is, in fact.

    Marina noble (from watertown, ma) is engaged in fabricating false and forged legal documents or non existent records (which is a first-degree felony), however, this is what we have found per the smart search in massachusetts judicial tyler system:

    Marina noble (aka marine mkhitaryan) - theft by shoplifting of under $250 merchandise, case number 12c76873
    On 08/06/2012 marina noble (a fake md, drug vigilance assistant) has been charged with theft by shoplifting.

    Middlessex county, ma, court records indicated the following data:

    Judicial officer t. r. haydmann,

    Case number 12c76873,

    Court division 3,

    Plaintiff the state of ma,

    Defendant noble, marine w.

    Dob 06/01/1966, gender female, race white-questionable, height 5'6',

    Address: 4 repton circle, apt. 4101, watertown, ma 02472

    Charged with: theft by shoplifting, mgl chapter 266, section section 30a: shoplifting; penalty; arrest without warrant, on 08/06/2012,

    Level: misdemeanor (with warning, for the habitual behavior), .
    Marina noble (fake md) completed a ‘pre trial diversion program’ on 10/02/2013 to avoid prosecution.

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  • Ma
      Feb 20, 2018

    The above post is placed by a famous shoplifter karine martirosyan, dob 10/22/1966, from 87 south street, westborough, ma 01581. she did so out of her jealousy, because, i, marina noble was the one who arranged karine's marriage with that autistic [censor] paul noroian, from worcester, ma. yes, I had the right to sleep with paul noroian once or two, so what??? is that a big deal? why this rat is hunting after me, all day every day, placing disclosures of my shoplifting history?

    My friend arayik has an urge to get to westborough and do what is coming in my mind, but before, I must share with the world without malice, just for the sake of truth to be known, that karina martirosyan, who immigrating from a remote low-rank region spitak, armenia, is destitute, alcoholic, a shoplifter and after that, she works for unicef.

    We are much more thanmarine, paul, ara, gohar, arevik, azniv, william, zlatka russinova the restc... all of the people of alliance who karine martirosyan aka karine martirosyan aka karine martirosyan has been maliciously attacking by internet libel for years. we are within our rights and we say nothing untrue about karine martirosyan, the libeler. if the truth hurts her, it is still the truth. the truth about her is the only thing that will clear our reputations which have been trodden on by a sadistic, evil psychopath. you, karine martirosyan you are a monster and you take pride in hurting families.

    You are a monster, karine martirosyan-noroian, you are a psychopath, and your libelous statements will be your final undoing. you have destroyed your own life, paul's life, by not allowing him to marry me instead, and you desire to destroy everyone of us because you are a psychopath with a psychopath ego and your delusions of grandeur are clearly conflicting with the reality of the results of the decisions you have made in your life. you are in deep [censor], and you can not undo the damage you have done to so many good people. you are not good people in our judgement, you are a disgruntled psychopath. the worst kind of monster, and we will defeat you in westborough/ma court and you will not destroy our lives as you have destroyed your own. people, see the face of karine martirosyan, the monster, the libeler.

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  • Co
      Feb 21, 2018

    To the Psychopath Marina Noble, the author of the post above.

    Come to the Court, will ya! You have a date! You contempt for the Dekalb County Superior Court, GA. All you need is to come to the Court and face the truth (about Naira's citizenship and other things that keep in permanent suffering and unrest). From there, likely you will enter the prison. Time has come for you to answer for the thousands of untrue and defamatory posts about Naira, that you are placing in the Internet since 2010 to present. People are seeing your daily posts in, and google-plus forums, as well.

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  • To
      Oct 13, 2018

    @CourtReporter Shrenq vred

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  • De
      Feb 21, 2018

    This [censor] post above, with Naira's picture deformed, is placed by an Armenian criminal woman, Marina Noble from 4 Repton Circle, Unit 4101, Watertown, MA 02472 (see her picture below), who spends her entire life on placing anonymous posts (in this particular page her profiles are chatlax-karine, jim.hope and m.noble) and destroys families, lives, careers. Under her former name Marine Mkhitaryan (YOB 1966) she illegally stayed in the USA by violation of the straight and unambiguous 212E immigration Law. She never left the USA after her Edmund Muskie program and LIED to the immigration.

    Marina Noble is a DEMON-[censor] combo, who projects on other her own challenges, lies, and low experiences.

    All is excellent and clean in Naira's immigration records. Being honest with authorities is one of the best things Naira is always proud of.

    Think of this way: Could somebody "falsify Form I-485" ? like this [censor] states above? Isn't it all in the electronic system? Once the Immigration knows your social security number, all your history, moves, entrances and exits are displayed in the system.

    Seems a primitive thing, a trivia, that we all know and understand. But NOT Marina Noble. The most unpleasant part is that Marina Noble has a free access to the Internet, and his all family members (Bill Noble, Azniv Shahverdyan, Sophia Noble) are equally psycho, as they do not notice this [censor]'s daily behavior and do not try to correct her.

    Marina Noble's [censor]ation is easily seen not only from her posts, but also when you once walk into her rotten apartment at 4 Repton Circle, Watertown, MA. An old "piano" found from the garbage-collectors is standing in the corridor (not joking, in the corridor!), piles of stolen DVDs "proudly" sorted near the washer/drier, a parlor table from loose tacky stone that has no ways to be cleaned after its usage (not even with vacuum cleaner), stationary lamps standing on glasses filled with coffee-beans, , molded bedroom for her child, where the walls are wet (low 1st floor) and the green fungi "decorates" the walls... And this is not some fictitious story; this is the unfortunate reality from Marina Noble's real, everyday life.

    Voice of the Victims:
    People: seeing all these posts and forums against Naira, placed by the [censor] Marina Noble on a daily basis, take this from us. NEVER EVER argue with an ARMENIAN [censor], even for once, because she (i.e. Marina Noble) will pull you down to her low level, then will beat you up with her low experiences. is Marina Noble's permanent job station, so is Let her sweat and suffer. Not only she will lose in the court, she already lost it here.

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  • De
      Feb 21, 2018

    Comes now Marina Noble's elder daughter, Azniv Shahverdyan (DOB 05/01/1990) who worked or works as a data entry assistant in Quintiles, IMc. See her photo below, with her infamous poem dedicated to her terrorist friend Ara Khacharyan (from Brooklyn, NY):

    "Me and You" - to my friend Ara Khachatryan, fugitive of law

    My fart is in your heart,
    My sneeze is in your quiz,
    My gas is your fuss,
    Your AZZ.

    Your ball is my goal
    You are my mom's troll,
    My station is your proclamation -
    You're my sensation!

    My mom Marina Noble is a shoplifter
    Credit card hacker, but you are my beggar
    You may be carrying a little twisted heart
    Here comes my fungi-coated hand...

    Your Internet posts are on my Tracphone,
    Your destitution is my institution
    Your imaginations are sick
    Kiss my legs, bebe, lick my sneeze.

    My obesity is your clarity
    My hirsutism is your fauvism
    Your Ghapan is my van
    You're served by Bryan Sullivan.

    Your impotence is my tolerance
    My mom Marine is your grievance
    You is a drible
    You're my mindless fable.

    My nose is longer than your torso,
    My zeal is more Armenian than your thrill,
    My [censor] is larger than your trass,
    Yours truly Azz...

    Let's get together, hon,
    We'll share a piece of lori
    Plastic flowers in the bedroom
    Persian carpet on the parlor.

    We both are tacky, my simpleton Ara
    Don't hope for brie-cheese or pyramid acapella
    Belgian carpets? Bay windows? Not for us!
    Yours sincerely, Azz.

    Who says - I have no culture - ??
    I have more culture under my toenails, than entire Europe!
    Karine Martirosyan showed me the recipe
    She names it [do it yourself kit, Spitak-Westborough], yep.

    Sweetheart Arayik, let's go to jail together
    And share the bail, no matter
    How poor I am; my mom is a fat stripper
    We'll be just fine, ask the creaper.

    Your class-action is my agenda
    Keep dancing under my salsa
    All Brooklyn knows you, [censor]
    Unfondly, Azz.

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  • Us
      Mar 15, 2018

    'I'm bored' is a useless thing to say. I mean, you live in a great, big, vast world that you've seen none of. Even your own mind is endless, infinite, inwardly, do you understand? The fact that you're alive is amazing, so you don’t get to say 'I am bored.'

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  • Ka
      Oct 21, 2018

    @user1807930 The same libeler, sick-in-the-head degenerate Marina Noble (Marine Mkhitaryan) posts below some unsuccessful trends in "poetry" and also vicious libels about the previous coworkers (Naira, Artyom, Gohar, and Karine), and as the entire world despises her, she posts the following about judges of the Court where she is afraid to appear to testify under oath what she is endlessly barking online. :

    However, the TRUTH is that indeed, both Karine Martirosyan and Marina Noble (Marine Mkhitaryan) are habitual shoplifters with bad kids (shoplifters).

    Yet, again, we do not judge sick people, we pity them. If you want to see the most active customer of this site, Marina Noble (from Watertown, MA) - idiot Bill Noble's second wife, mother of Azniv Shahverdyan and Sophia Noble (violent and ugly daughters from various unknown fathers) see below her pictures to vomit.

    The Bottom Line: Marina Noble is now even a human being (she is an animal) so her trends to "sue" go to some other department that handles with non-endangered species.

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  • Us
      Mar 15, 2018

    Watch. The. Throne.


    Life changes on a daily basis.

    Asiaaa wokkk. AND it's Thursday. Life is good.

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  • Us
      Oct 11, 2018


    Unemployed and "seated" at Watertown Public Library, Watertown, Massachusetts. Knows people's library card numbers and IP addresses. Being anxious and unsatisfied in her own life, she effortlessly works to destroy others. The internet radar suggests that she uses the step-by-step methods (below) with "passion" and "dedication."

    Step 1: Logs into a library computer using others' card numbers.

    Step 2: Creates counterfeit emails using different names & aliases of others, or hacks existing email addresses of real people to send obscene and defamatory "notes."

    Step 3: With the help of fake emails and hearsay, approaches the spouses of people she envies, demeans them, and successfully destroys the lives and relations of her targets.

    Step 4: Stalks her victims to see if her plan(s) worked or not.

    Step 5: Learning bad news for the victims and good news for herself, brings her satisfaction and a fresh impetus for "new projects."

    Step 6: If, for some reason, her agenda isn't successful, she publishes posts and demotes/promotes certain websites and publications in her favor. For example, if she wants to promote info her target do not want popularized, she locates that source and promotes it to make it appear with the highest search index in a search. Alternatively, in the event she locates information that documents the accomplishments of the person she loathes, she demotes it so it will disappear from the web.

    This is a full-time commitment, and therefore, no time is spared for other matters. The sad truth is, that this is an absolute "no-no" to a lifestyle of someone who, very soon, will face life in prison or asylum. Illegal alien from Armenia, stayed immediately after completing the Muskie Fellowship Freedom Support Act program in violation of the 212E Immigration Code, in contempt of the law, national security risk. Initial name: Marina Zaven Mkhitaryan.

    WARNING: IF YOU SEE THIS WOMAN, CALL 9-11. She's truly dangerous.

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  • Ka
      Oct 21, 2018

    The same libeler, Marina Noble (Marine Mkhitaryan) posts above about the previous coworkers (Naira, Artyom, Gohar, and Karine), and also, as the entire world despises her (is disgusted by her), she posts the following about judges of the Court where she is afraid to appear to testify under oath what she is endlessly barking online. :

    Howver, the TRUTH is that indeed, both Karine Martirosyan and Marina Noble (Marine Mkhitaryan) are habitual shoplifters with bad kids (shoplifters).

    The rant in Armenian below in Marina Noble's post above, "Ay srenq menq qo Steperin!", was not understood as it is originated in a very sick empty head and absolutely does not make any sense. Yet, again, we do not judge sick people, we pity them. If you want to see the most active customer of this site, Marina Noble (from Watertown, MA) - idiot Bill Noble's second wife, mother of Azniv Shahverdyan and Sophia Noble (daughter from various unknown fathers) see below her face and vomit:

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  • De
      Oct 27, 2018

    Marina Noble:

    You are the pain of my a-s-s
    Yours truly AZZ.

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  • Le
      Nov 15, 2018

    @deposition of MarinaNoble Հա, հա, էդ Մարգրիտին ո՞վ կուզի: Ազզզզզզզզզզզզզզզնիվ:

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  • Le
      Nov 15, 2018

    @Levon Sahakyan Արա, ես լսեմ եմ որ էս սպիակցի գեղցի Կարինե Մարտիրոսյանն էլ ա գող: Դրա գլխի հիվանդույուններն ուղակի դրա հայվան մարդնա պարկում: հենց մարդը մեռնի, դա կընգնի փողոցները ու լեզգինկա կպարի: Տո էնքան անտաղանդա, որ պարել էլ չգիտի: Մի ինքնահավան գորիլլա:

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  • We
      Nov 14, 2018

    Marina Noble from Watertown, MA!

    Your free days are numbered. Soon you will be escorted to prison in the XXXL-size iron bracelets on your vulgar and fat wrists. The same will happen to your mentor Karine Martirosyan (Westborough, MA) whose size is PS, and that drug-addict f-u-c-k-e-d--up street-whore Michelle Layton - the Elizabeth Gallo LLC's stenographer from Roswell/GA (who keep seeing ghosts and mythical clouds in her backyard and has fortified her house with 45 locks, LOL).

    Who cares about your low lives?? HA? Go to prison and continue whining about your low life in the big-house without internet access.

    Stalking Naira, since 90s to present? That will soon end.

    We know Dr. Naira perfectly well, and in order to understand her grace one needs to have brain and bounty (something that's apparently missing in you and in Karine Martirosyan, you both untalented sexually active prostitutes). Unlike you both, Dr. Naira is a highly respected, successful professional, scholar, judge, and a loved woman (with full of personal happiness).

    Soon, we will release her wedding pictures (to a reputable medical doctor and lawyer, MD, JD)... And he is actually not among Naira's connections in the social network sites (doximity, facebook, linkedin,, researchgate, pubmed, etc). He does not have any social media account, so he remained intact/safe from your daily bombardier (as you have been harassing and abusing all Naira's social media connections, demonizing Naira in their eyes and "insisting them not to follow Naira). Now this man has met Naira outside the social medial. I hope you will die (both Karine Martirosyan and Marina Noble) learning this news.

    Karine Martirosyan. Yes! It did happen! Naira marries an MD, JD. And he is a real MD, doing serious job, not like your paranoid psychologist autistic-adult husband, Paul Noroian. You sad life wasn't Naira's fault. You are terribly sick, Karine Martirosyan - even the Westborough police and Westborough District Court was confirming that you are sick. Read this and die! Die! Die! Die! Go to hell!!! You, unisex gorilla !!!

    We haven't seen your wedding pictures though, Marina Noble ...! Do you have one? Of course, not! You just signed a fake marriage 3 years after your neurotic sick daughter Sophia Noble was born out-of-wedlock, and you signed it with your jail-mate, William R. Noble in the jail. That's all about your "wedding" that does not exist. We see why you are jealous of Naira. God take your life soon, and go to peace in the hell, and leave us alone. Do not intoxicate the air we share. Witches like you would be burnt alive in public square in the medieval times.

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  • Bi
      Nov 16, 2018

    On 10/11/2013 Karine M. Martirosyan, was charged with theft by shoplifting.

    The county records page indicated the following data until late September 2016:

    Judicial officer N. P. Hyndrick,

    Case number 12c56875,

    Court division 2,

    Plaintiff the state of MA,

    Defendant Martirosyan, Karine M.

    DOB 10/22/1966,

    Gender female, race white, asian, height 5'3',

    Address: 87 South Street, Westborough, MA 01581

    Charged with: theft by shoplifting, MA Gen. Laws ch. 266 § 30A
    (under $250 merchandise)

    Level: misdemeanor,

    Karine Martirosyan completed a pre trial diversion program' on 04/08/2013 to avoid prosecution.

    Karine Martirosyan is currently the defendant in a court action for defamation by libel (for the second time — the first time was in 2010).

    This has been going on for nearly a decade.

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  • Ka
      Nov 16, 2018

    Also, check Marina Noble's true face and true profession (i.e. unemployed nobody who sells online in ebay) here:

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  • Ca
      Jul 06, 2019

    You are weak, Marina "Noble". You are worthless to us.

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