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Kanthi Sweets Factory / Factory in residential area

1 India

There is a kanti sweet factory in the residential/commercial area (Ashoknagar), where there are more than 40 people staying and nearly 30 gas cylinders kept inside. No proper precautions for these gas cylinders, if one bursts then half of that Ashoknagar area will disappear. Not only that there are daily 10 to 50 vehicles moving up and down to take the sweets which blocks the road every single day starting from early morning to mid night. Lot of complaints have been given to every possible government offices and officials, but they take money and close the case. This factory is exactly 5 mins from brigade road that is 10 min from MG, so you can understand how our government is still letting this factory to run in such a busy place. To also give examples, they take the highest amount of electricity and water in the whole area, and dont know about the TAX they are paying. So if any one take this up and do something for the people of this area, it would be real helpful as these people are not ready to close the factory as they directly say that they can buy any official who comes to attend any complaints against them. So hopefully someone proves their statements wrong.

The place is in Ashoknagar, on a road called Markham road, but not sure about the street. It is 5 mins from brigade road and 10 min from MG's. Easy way to find out the place by listening to the loud noises of the big exhaust fans and seeing the sweet load carrying autos and gas vehicles roaming around that place.

The effects it causes is:

1. Noise pollution(exhaust fans, machines, vehicles)
2. Air pollution(Smoke and smell, Vehicles)
3. Blocking of roads
4. Nearly 30 to 50 people staying in the factory
5. Illegally staying in that place, as i am very sure no government law will allow to have a factory in a place like that and the amount of electricity and water they use for themselves.


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