kankan driving school / Instructor Missing and No refunds

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Don't be fooled into the £99 for 10 hours because it is not worth it because you only do 6 hours at the beginning then the last 4 hours before the actual driving test which to me is pants plus in between the 6hours and 4 hours you got to pay for the other lessons. :-(
Well the thing is that before I went back to my mums in Lincolnshire, I booked a lesson for the following week after the trip to my mums. But the thing was that on the day of the lesson in which I had to pay up front which was £220 for 10 hours but she never showed up so i text but after a week or two texting, I called so see what was going on and they said that she gone missing for 2 weeks and police are involved but also aid that I won't get my money back and hung up on me.
So Beware and Don't Make the same mistake as me.

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  • Hd
      Nov 21, 2012

    Really unhappy you have had this experience, but please could I clarify. Your issue should not be with Kankan as your agreement will have been with the individual instructor - that is who you should name and shame!

    I am an instructor through Kankan and unfortunately just had a student referring to this post and accusing me of expecting to do the same thing. There are many students out there who have an enjoyable experience with Kankan instructors, and there are many instructors out there who care about their students and would not dream of doing anything similar to this.

    One of my Kankan instructor friends had to leave Kankan and passed her students to me. She gave me the money straight away for everyone's final four hours and I honoured the four hours in their test week.

    I'm really sorry you had a bad experience, my advise would be to take your previous instructor to court for unfullfilled services. Providing you had a receipt or record of payment you should easily obtain a CCJ against them.

    Good luck in the future.

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  • Pu
      Nov 27, 2012

    well the thing is i have talked to the driving school and they won't refund my money or give me my last four hours until my instructor does it. but i paid through the driving school and not directly as well.

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