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Have been working at kangaroo for th past year and a half. no call outs, always putting my all into everything, doing multiple employees work from other shifts and making sure everything is done the good way and fast to keep the pace going( a very busy store) ever since circle k has bought out the franchise things have went on a enormous decline.
As a dependable, hand working employee what more can one expect? ALOT! Although I am already killing myself to get what needs to be done, they believe everything is not up to their standards, now I'm okay with change but what they want is not even possible with 2 people on shift. The people making these rules have probably not even worked a shift at a gas station and have no clue what so ever how things need to be done. I'm being told to do multiple tasks right after another, including the everyday fix stocking of the cooler and immediately forced to go outside and do the LAST shifts outside trash, in the Florida heat it is rediculous causing me to be sick far more often than I have ever been in my entire life. But I'm not done, I have never once been asked to take out my plugs(ear rings) nor cover up my tattoo. All of a sudden these new owners want me taking out my plugs (which I'm okay with) but also want me to cover up my tattoos with a sleeve of some sort (I have my entire forearm tattooed) hello circle k, you are a gas station. You aren't impressing anyone, infact you are about to loose one your most dependable and hardworking employee's at store location 2105. Once being a great job, full of happiness and excitement on a daily basis, you have turned kangaroo into the exact opposite. Thanks for turning a nice place to work into a living hell.

May 23, 2015
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  • Ti
      21st of Jun, 2015

    I am in the same situation at Circle K. I wasn't working at the store before it was turned into Circle K, but I can attest that it is hard to get everything done. We only have 1 person per shift, and we are on the busiest road in this part of Florida. I also did not get a 90 day raise, and instead had to wait until I was promoted to asistant manager before getting any form of a raise. I got a quarter...a whole be promoted. A new manager came in and told the store owner that he "really needed to" pay me more than 8.50 to be asistant, so I got another raise...another quarter. I am the lowest paid asistant manager I have ever heard of. He won't give us help on our shifts, claiming that Circle K has rules and only allow a certain amount of hours per week to be given out, and because we are usually over that amount with normal shifts, he can't get anyone on the schedule to help during our busiest times. I have about had it with this company, but I am stuck until I can find something else. I work way too hard, making way too little.

    Also: Dear Complaints Board,
    It really makes it difficult to write a complaint and sound intelligent when you make us misspell words because your language filter won't let us spell asistant correctly...

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