KandCorewards Scheme is a con

I have been a loyal customer of Kandco for years, then a few months ago I received a letter from them stating that I had been promoted to Platinum rewards that gave extra rewards for my valued custom. I have actually spent in excess of £2000 since being a platinum rewards customer. I have not received one penny in rewards so I contacted them and this was their reply: It?s important to remember that account payments will first be applied to goods on the account that are excluded from Rewards. Certain items do not qualify to earn Rewards such as reduced priced items e.g. buy one get one free, 3 for 2 type offers and sale items, as well as those purchased on Buy Now Pay Later. (this covers the whole content of the catalog) When payments equivalent to the value of all excluded items have been made, payments will then be applied to qualifying goods and will earn Rewards. I have not yet earned one reward nothing qualifies for rewards, the T&Cs are full of loop holes. It should be made clear at the checkout that the items are not qualifying for rewards or there is no transparency it is a complete con & customers are being duped. furthermore has we already pay way above the recommended price for goods! a cross we bare for being able to spread the cost! then being cheated out of commissions is appalling & something should be done.

Jan 19, 2015

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