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I took my son to our pediatrician today for the 4-month visit, and our visit experience was horrible. Here were what happened, our appointment was 9:15 am and we arrived to the department before that time and used the Self Service Kiosk. However, it was not successful because we had to check-in in person. Yet, no staff was here to manually check in at the pediatric department, so we went back to the family doctor department to check in, and there was a long line of people. We waited until 9:24 am to check in.

1. We waited for about 1 hour with our son, 4 month old an infant. This doesn't seem usual at all.
2. There was no one to help us to check in at the pediatric department at all.
3. I had to ask another nurse regarding to what might be going on with my appointment and asking for our nurse Brianne N Jaynes. And the nurse was kind and helpful, saying to inform our nurse. However, when she walked out to call another patient of hers, she was shocked to see us still waiting outside.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Pasadena, CA She immediately let me in and seek for another nurse to help out. On my way out, we ran into our nurse miss Jaynes. When she was informed we waited outside for so long, her first response was accussing us being late for our appointment for 9 minutes, and she let other patients to see our doctor first. However, she never attempted to inform us the situation was changed, and after she saw we checked in on the system, she didn't try to come out and let us go for next.
3. We were helped indeed by another nurse, who guided us to exam room for my son weight and height measurement instead of miss Jaynes.

I understand that nurses burden a lot tasks and responsibilities on a daily basis and I don't want to make it sound hard on them. but after we had seen Dr. Porter, and miss Jaynes came in with her attitude toward us for my son's 3 vaccine shots, 2 consecutive shots on my son's left thigh and last shot on his right thigh, where it bled. And later the day, we discovered that his thighs were redness and swollen with bump.

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Kaiser Permanente

Jan 31, 2017
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  •   Jan 31, 2017

    Her attitude has nothing to do with a shot bleeding after administered, or that there was redness or swelling. This is all common and would have happened no matter who gave the shots. Is this your first child? I ask because you seem to not know common vaccine information, that is included in the pamphlets they give you, or that having a 4 month old does not speed up your appointments.

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