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Products supplied from the company are Fake and Low level and all the certificates are fake Products like - Gas safety device, Noni Juice, aloe vera gel, nano sil, gas savers, magnetic chip, health supplements, olive oil from kai natural care, ludhiana, CHEATING IN THE NAME OF NETWORK MARKETING MLM PRODUCTS in the Name of KAU NATURALS and KEVA INDUSTRIES ALL FAKE AND DANGEROUS PRODUCTS< CHEATERS DONT PUT YOUR MONEY WITH THEM NOTE - ATTACHED IS THE LAB REPORT WHEN CHECKED IN BANGALORE AFTER RECEIVING THEIR PRODUCTS. Fraud and got cheated by Kai Natural care, Mumbai and Ludhiana (Keva Industries

Fraud and got cheated by Kai Natural care, Mumbai and Ludhiana (Keva Industries)
Dear Sir,
On the above subject I Mr.Vijay Kumar R a self employed was taking some herbal, health related and home and kitchen products from Kai Natural care (also called as Keva Industries)
Plot no 1, G.T Road, near Octroi Post, Sahnewal, Ludhiana Punjab, India, Phone – +91-[protected].
Other Office address:
No. 7704, Santna Road, Bhandup, Industrial Area, Mumbai – 400078, Maharashtra, India
Office phone +91-[protected].
Seeing their promotional mail and continuous calls I have decided to purchase some products where I can do some small business delivering products to home, and thinking that this is a service as well as business so I was interested to start.
I was buying products from Kai natural care from more than 3 years, earlier I was buying it less and later I worked hard to build it, the business grown up. And I was taking bulk orders
The products which was taking are
1. Gas saver, 2. American Noni juice 3.Gas safety device and 4.Olive oil. etc

As the company mentioned in the website and the mail sent from them stated all these products are very good and got many certificates like “CE, ROHS, & S mark certificates issued by CSA (Europe) Ltd, United Kingdom, also “Kosher” and “Halal” certificates for their Health drinks like noni and other products.
After buying these products we came to know that
1. All these products are manufactured without following proper medical or food safety
2. All these certificates mentioned by them are fake and illegal and all are edited using photoshop.
3. The insurance coverage which they mention for their “Gas safety device” is false as they claim Rs.10 crore insurance
4. The edible oil or olive oil manufactured in illegal way not followed any food safety or clearance certificates from any of the departments and very dangerous for health
5. The American noni juice –which we have taken more than 3000 Bottles of 1 Litre are not Original and they gave all fake ingredients/content and certificates–which was tested in one of the Laboratory in Bangalore and proved that it is fake and Dangerous for health and not as per the food/health supplement guideline.
6. The Gas safety Device which they say saves Life and covers Rs.10 Crore Insurance are Very Dangerous for homes, and can cause cylinder blasts,
7. The Gas saver – Company says it saves 40% Gas, but it is a simple metal piece and not containing any gas saving equipment inside it, and from this gas saver a major gas leakage is detected, and this also one of the Dangerous product which can cause major cylinder blast and causes death.

I have bought 100 Pcs (50+50 2 times) of Gas safety device last month(nov 2014) transferred Rs.60, 000, in that 100 PCS till today we have got 30 PCS as defective with maximum gas leakages, when asked for reasons company is giving childish answers “ as they are selling it at very low margins so replacement or refund can be given. Kindly consider this and take proper action sir.
Some details about my purchases and these are only few orders which I have placed with them
1.Gas safety device – 100PCS at Rs.600 per PC = Value60, 000
2.Gas saver – more than 500 PCs at Rs.150 per PC = 75, 000
3.Noni Juice – more than 3000 bottles of 1 liter at Rs. 200 and at Rs 120 =Value approx more than Rs 4, 50, 000
And many times Rs.2000 to Rs.20, 000 I have transferred to their account
Dear Sir I have taken products for almost worth of Rs.5 lakhs or more and got cheated by this Kai natural care company (also called as KEVA Industries), and when asked for all these certificates or replacements or refund company is giving harsh answer and saying that they are selling all these products for very less margins so no refund or replacement can be given and when asked for the genuinity of the products or certificates they are not responding, and when I asked them for taking all the products back they are not responding properly and scaring me sending mail and through calls.
I have attached all the transaction details and bank statements where I have transferred amount their Bank account No-[protected], ICICI Bank Account LUDHIANA Branch
From my personal bank account SB Account ICICI Bank- XXXX1504682 Electronic city Branch Bangalore.
I have also attached mail details and website links which they used to send it to me.
Attached the warranty/guarantee card for the gas safety devices
Along with these details I have attached Courier/shipment details on how and when they have dispatched these above said products with cargo bills.
Requesting you to investigate about this scam and fraud of this Keva Industries or Kai natural care, and take a very strict action and save peoples life from this fraud company.
In the name of health supplements they are cheating innocent people and encashing their health weakness of the people.
Also the gas saver and gas safety devices are very dangerous kindly take a proper action to stop this money making scam and save people life, as they are selling it to whole India, many people are in danger, kindly bust their fraud racket.
I kindly request you sir, please help me to get back all the money approx around Rs 5 Lakhs and compensation for cheating and wasting my time and reputation around my known circle of people.
As I have all these products Un-Opened and kept it as it is, I can bring all those any time for your investigation purpose or anyone can buy their products calling them on their phone numbers, please trap them and find out the scam and fraud of all these and take a very strict action.

>>Some details about my purchases and these are only few orders which I have placed with them
1.Gas safety device – 100PCS at Rs.600 per PC = Value60, 000
2.Gas saver – more than 500 PCs at Rs.150 per PC = 75, 000
3.Noni Juice – more than 3000 bottles of 1 liter atRs. 200 and at Rs 120 =Value approx more than Rs 4, 50, 000

This seems for resale and not your own consumption so it can’t be covered under consumer court. It’s a business deal so civil suit can be possible.

For sub-standard quality of food products etc, there are many other laws and venues to complain. You can ask the safety and regulatory authorities whether they have cleared the products as per safety regulations.

To me it looks more like a business relationship going sour rather than consumer issue.

Hoping that I get justice in this matter and also I helped to save many people life and health.

kai Natural Care Ludhian, Punjab

Jan 24, 2015

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