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I started playing this game in January and at first thought it was okay. Customer support is virtually non-existent...I have put in 6 tickets and no response at all. The game has alot of glitches, players can uses cheat like Xhack4u and clone troops. The game is supposed to be free but free players have very little chance of competeing with the diamond buyers or the cloners. Kabam's newest experiment is to stop the gaining of respect by attacking city scapes and gangs. Now the only way to gain respect is to hit other players and hope they do not have their troops hidden...or they are not among the cheaters. All in all, if you haven't played the game, Do Not Start and definitely DO NOT PAY FOR THE GAME.

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  • Co
      2nd of May, 2012

    I agree.

    Do NOT trust this company.
    The games are Free - yet that is no excuse for such a poor platform, low service provision or the lack of real support.
    The games can be paid into - yet you seem to get no additional treatment-benefits. Bugs and errors may result in your purchases being lost/wasted ... and Kabam hide behind their ToS so that they do not have to refund you.

    For a better idea, look at the number of issues/complaints on the BBB for Kabam;

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  • Sm
      20th of Jun, 2012

    well the glitches are costing me so many troops on dragons of Atlantis and the drop rates on eggs are reckless i have bought no rubies but they need to sort this out fast

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  • Ro
      4th of Aug, 2012

    Hi I'm currently playing Camelot Kingdom of the North, there was an upgrade sent out to upgrade to version8. Unknown to players in this upgrade they have decided that to achieve t3 troops you now must have lv10 Geometry, stable and alloy horseshoes, before the change it was lv9. Was this means is that to accomplish lv10 you must buy divine inspiration, to achieve t3 training you need 3 divine inspiration which means buying 300 gems 100gems each, which will cost £20 about $15. This is disgusting to reach level 9 is bad enough it takes weeks of playing everyday to get to that level, and also favours the player that can afford to spend money which most cannot. This gross misconduct should be corrected immediately and put back to its original place. I have k ow doubt that when players get to know what's happened they will not be spending the money to get to level 10. Unless of course your a kid and your parents will pay for it.

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  • Da
      2nd of Sep, 2012

    Hi, I am currently playing the mobile version of KOC of the North, I must've made at least a dozen of concerns, against the game owners with the same issues all the players encounters... To my disappointed I received nothing back, no response... But I went to I tunes and complained able to get money I lost on gems back . So at lest i almost came out even, then the funny thing happened the whole world I was in kind of try to destroy me... That get me to ask myself is this game really fixed? In favor of the company to make money of us?... So using different schemes, spy soft, build programs to trace suspicious activity my fear came true. Now I hired a law firm, get HQ of apple involved and soon the truth will come out and millions of users will be very disappointed Shame on u Kabam for betraying the trust of so many fans and took their money and did not care. Remember Mr. CEO soon u will join mr madoff for Being a big scammed and pyramid type of game.

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  • Ar
      22nd of Nov, 2012

    I had been working hard to aim for a decent ranking in the X-World Tournament as that is the only sure way to get the much needed +9 and +10 tokens. Well I did it in the recent tourney and gained enough Might to be raked 41 so I could get 4 of the +9 tokens and 1 each for the daily milestones. BUT my ranking wasnt anywhere to be seen so I posted in a support ticket... 3x because the first 2 was auto-closed and asked to resubmit. A clever but arrogant way to buy time.
    Now that I gotten my response after submitting the evidence and screenshots including the fact they the Might that was supposed to rank me #41 is acknowledge on the alliance tournament board but not on the X-world board. Amidst I took screen shots etc (you may ask why? You never know with Kabam if you will be the one being picked for bullying, so better waste a lot of time securing oneself) I am not being awarded my rightful prizes. Prizes that is much needed to lessen the amount of bullying of other players who were lucky enough to get 3 line throne roo cards for range and stuff. I had saved up this money which is close to $2, 200 to do this but have gotten nothing for it because Kabam decided they couldnt be bothered to investigate the case and provide tracing of where the might went in the X-world board. And since they know that players can do nothing about it when "GOD" speaks or decide how they wish to do thing, they responded with "We have verified that our servers are correct and sorry we cannot give you anything" which in a way claims the evidence of screenshots I sent was fake??? If so why did they acknowledge my ranking and paid me the gems for it in the Alliance tournament board?
    I am not one who goes out an complaint and complaint. I have swallowed many previous issues that I simply deem as "fine, I'll just forget it" and have lived through each and every bug they had in the last 2.5 years I've been on the game but this involves a huge amount of money I had saved up to do. I have a huge hollow feeling now and I wish I never have had internet access so I would not have come across this game from the beginning. But why should kabam care anyway? They rather protect their valuable zero cost item prizes than the well being of its customers. I come from the east in a developing country and that money means a lot more here and could have fed a dozen families. I now blame myself for handing it to the crooks instead of giving it to the poor, both cases I get nothing physical back but the latter at least I get a huge satisfaction from being able to help someone instead of accumulating anger and frustration from the former. Its not entertainment anymore and the digital world sucks because consumers can not be protected as I belief the digital legislations at this point are not matured. Thus, we seem to be going back to the dark ages instead of supposedly progressing into the digital world on how business's operate.
    Thanks for being a channel to let me fend some steam. I will live with this loss for a long time I think.

    Best Regards all

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  • Ph
      11th of Jan, 2013

    Kabam is just a scam. I've been playing the Hobbit game, They lie like thieves. No extra points like they promise and now I'm losing Mithral for no reason. They want you to buy, and if not, good luck.

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  • Xn
      28th of Feb, 2013

    I submitted a case twice, they say they will reply within one business day... its been a week and no reply, no feed back, i have sent them like 20 emails and nothing but i will bombing their customer.[protected] till i get a reply, if any you guys want to join me there is the email ;)
    Am a paying customer and that how i get treated!!

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  • Co
      11th of Mar, 2013

    No customer support at all. Have been unable to log in since June 2012, after purchasing rubies. So now I am out real money and they do nothing but laugh to the bank. I think a class action should be started and we should ask for 10x damages. Perhaps that will get their attention finally. Oh and if there is no customer support, quit filling my email with messages asking to come back and when I try to log in it tells me the site is unavailable or has moved permanently. Thanks a bunch Kabam. Refund us our money or get ready for a class action lawsuit I am starting the site tomorrow to take you down. ToS be hanged you mislead us all and you should enjoy what you have coming.

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  • Te
      17th of May, 2014

    I played one of kabam games and it was hacked when i sent them an email that i wanted to change my password they said it was not possible to do so and they wont let me create a new one. They are all incompetent !!!

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  • Bl
      15th of Jun, 2014

    If customers are complaining kabam then why not do something about it. I am a ruby buyer. But I have to deal with hackers and glitches as well as a.holes in DOA with too much money in there wallets. if you provided a better system then your complaints rating will come down a lot. Take care of your customers. We are hhere for a good time, not a hard time. I'm sure we pay enough to be heard too.

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  • Co
      8th of Jan, 2015

    i am the same as you guys, please, there must be some sort of legal action we can take

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  • Ck
      2nd of Nov, 2015

    I'm looking around to see if there is a lawsuit of the players against Kabam and I don't see one yet. I think there might be a grey area here but it also seems to me if you pay for a service there is an expectation of be provided what you pay for, but should there be an issue with what you paid for a way to resolve that issue. Kabam does have a way to initiate a way to resolution for issues, but they do not follow through. The service is not just bad but seems to be an overall direction from the company to provide bad service and it is for this, the most basis of reasons, that a lawsuit should be initiated.

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  • Ab
      15th of May, 2016

    I have been accused wrongly

    I login and surprisingly saw this warning "Your account has been banned for use of unauthorized third party software. Your account has been banned for Permanently". They guys accusing me of using a third party software that I don't even know exist. I'm playing normal and very hard every single day to get all my rewards and participating to my team and even spent money on this game. Then suddenly you just banned an account of an innocent player. search my phone logs and even my laptop just to prove that i am not doing anything wrong. I can't believe this is happening.
    Game: Marvel contest of champions
    Gamename: ABHI KAUSHIK

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  • La
      18th of May, 2016

    I had the same thing happen to me in Contest of Champions. Never cheated in any way or used glitches, tried to log on the other morning and KABAM!!! Permanent ban with no warning or explanation. I've contacted their "Support Team" several times and have received nothing but obvious auto generated responses. They have no way of contacting a live tech support and if you call their corporate offices it's nothing but voicemails. I'm considering contacting my States attorney to see if I can file a fraud complaint against them. My state defines fraud as "willfully evading someone or preventing them from using goods/services that have been purchased". Sounds a lot like what they did to me!!!

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