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Complete Ripoff.
It's the sort of thing you'd expect from a real scam, not a real company.

I've had major issues with one of their products/games - Dragons of Atlantis.
By looking through their forums, and reading other complaints, it seems the same for all their games.

Though Kabam are a legitimate company, they might as well be a con-artist setup.
Attempting to get any form of support is a joke.
You're asked to review the very limited and weak Support Documents ... repeatedly.
You are asked to review them before submitting for support, upon filing a support ticket, and by any personal response you initially get (if you are lucky enough to get one).

You pay to have an enhanced game - and your money is wasted.
The large number of errors, bugs, issues and server overloads means your items get used up whilst you cannot play!
Worse - Kabam don't want to refund you
Instead they hide behind their flimsy little Terms of Service and state that they don't owe you a thing!

Do NOT play Kabam Games.
Do NOT PAY for kabam games.

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  • Si
      20th of Sep, 2012

    i have lost most of my army again i sent them out an they dont come bacan all my res i retearnedk all my eleits fangtooth firee breathers my frogs my orgs gaints my gaints my pack dragons 300, 000 long bows my banchees my transports an when i bring back all my res to train troops an the new troops we dont have much time to do so this happends at the worst possable time alot why this is months of work an money the res i sent back to use never got here none of it i cant do any thing an i guess im not going to get to train any new troops or more pack dragons this stinks can or will any one help my this is not right or fair this is my favorite game but this takes all the fun away an my money an alot of time ! can some one please get all these troops back an res ive lost again this is not my falt again an at worst possable time will u help me please this time william henning [protected] avocet 251 game name sir dick

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  • Ra
      10th of Nov, 2012

    your dragons of atlantis game loaded fortunas chance and when i hit choose it said unknown error occurred and closed out and didn't let me play fortuna's chance today. i tried clicking on the blue icon near my avatar and that didn't work. refreshing didn't work.

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  • Yu
      7th of Jun, 2013

    i play on mekong realm, my name yukoner site 140-440 recieved letter on june 6/13 05:02:39 and it states word for word (congratulations you have won a prize- you have completed the event Vault Inclusion- Dark Testronius Infusion. the following prize were awarded to your inventory -1000 dimensional ruiners. ) but you never gave me the prize and ive lost enough with this game im tired of things magically disappearing . way to many glitches where things go missing and im fed up with it. i want my prize ive put up with enough from you. be clear i will NEVER join kabam or spend a dime on this site your games are a joke. have to hunt for help and ill bet i get no response as lest tell me if this joins the others that marched off to never never land and disappear where i invest time to get things but dont get them or just gone! someone at least send me message or will that also join the missing troops! clif

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  • Dr
      25th of Mar, 2014

    spent all 400 rubies on a tower box at 5 times the chance to win and still nothing never again will i give dragons of atlantis my money for rubies y to get screwed over again to bad for you guy i spent alot of money with your company and my time to but no worries you lost one good paying customer

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  • Dr
      25th of Mar, 2014

    email me dragons of atlantis at [protected] or my players name is well dracronise

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  • Gh
      22nd of Feb, 2015

    I play on triglav, my name is hercule and i have some problem with buildings, i have 2 factory (one of 9 and one of 7).Please repair this error because instead of level 7 factory had to have storage vault.And i have another problem, i send in march 400k shadow stalker and they disappeared and the march don't start, get back my shadow stalker please

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