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Terrible Experience, hiring a car with this company could prove very expensive! We hired the car online via we understood we would have to have a deposit frozen on our account as with all companies. When we arrived to collect the car we were told €1200 would be CHARGED to our credit card. When we asked if this would be returned to us on dropping the car back in the same condition we were told no it can take up to 14 days for the money to be returned as it is only returned when the company send K10 the money for our rental. We were not really happy about this but what can you do when your there picking up the car with a whole day planned ahead! In the contract it said we would pick up the car with a full tank of fuel and return it with a full tank. On pick up the car had less than a quarter of a tank. The staff in the office at both pick up and drop off were very rude and were vague in their explanations making it a difficult process. We booked a car with air con and were given one without aircon when we asked about this they said the car had aircon but it was definitely just a fan! Anyway the whole point of this review...we waited for our deposit of €1200 to be returned to our credit card...and waited and the end we went back to the K10 office at Ibiza Port and demanded back our money which they appeared to do via their card machine, we will see in the next 3 days if it appears. When we asked to speak to the manager about this situation we were told it would not be possible as there was no manager. We asked for contact details for a complaints department or customer service and were told there was none. Luckily for us we were still in Ibiza and could go into the office but I hate to think of the outcome for holiday makers who already have left the island. This company makes the process of hiring a car on your holiday worrying, stressful and completely unenjoyable. When in the office getting our 'refund` we also spoke to a couple who were returning there car which had just been broken into and had all there things stolen. There were no signs of broken entry on the vehicle so this is slightly dodgy. Not blaming the company but this is a little questionable. There was no apology to us for the situation with our deposit and the employee we spoke to said well it sometimes can take 28 days! They hold €1200 of peoples money for 28 days!!! I've never known any car hire company that does that when the car has been returned with no issues! If I was you I would pay a bit more and hire with a trustable company.

Oct 27, 2018

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