JVC XV-N670 DVD PlayerWarranty replacement

I bought a new DVD Player that broke after 6 months. The warranty information is not published very openly on JVC's website and takes some digging to find it. JVC's consumer warranty on this product is for only 3 months. If I had done my due diligence, I would have researched this better before purchasing a JVC product. I have been a 10 year supporter of JVC products but am no longer. I will not support a company that doesn't believe enough in their product to support it with a minimum 1 year repair/replacement.

The reason for this complaint is for the poor customer service I received from JVC. I could copy paste the entire email chain to show JVC’s inept ability to follow up and provide resolution but it would make for a long read. So instead I’m including dates and a summary of what happened.

Thu, 23 April 2009 sent email to [protected]
Sent email to customer service to ask if there was a hard reset option.

Thu, 23 April 2009 received email from [protected]
If you have tried every troubleshooting step yet still not receive any video from our player, then it's a possible internal issue that will require exchanging the unit. As a reminder, the unit will include a one year exchange policy starting from the date of purchase and will require a copy of the store receipt. (This is actual email excerpt)

Fri, 8 May 2009 spoke by phone to [protected]
I sent the unit in for replacement on “mflores” request at my own expense. I emailed him 3 times to receive some sort of follow-up. I received my same unit back, not repaired, the following week with a notice that I was out of warranty coverage.

Tue, 19 May 2009 spoke by phone and received email from [protected]
Received label from Marco to have the unit replaced. I received my same unit back again in disrepair and was told my Marco that there was a miscommunication and that they would send another label.

Mon, 8 June 2009 received email from [protected]
Received label from Jose and for the 3rd time shipped my unit for replacement. I did receive a replacement unit but it was apparently refurbished and did not work either.

Fri, 26 June 2009 sent email to [protected] and [protected]
Requested a resolution for having received 3 defective units and wasting my time.

Fri, 10 July 2009 sent email to [protected] and [protected]
After no response from either person, sent a follow-up message asking for resolution


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