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Sold product never delivered!!!
We bought a JVC HD camcorder on Aug. 7, 2009 at the store. It was on sale during the week of August 2, 2009. First, when we got to the store it took us more than 10 minutes to get any sales persons' attention, while many of them were wondering around. Finally, we approached a sales person who was not friendly at all and w/o any smile he asked us "what do you guys need." We drew him to the camcorder display counter and showed him the JVC model we wanted to buy. He went on to get that model and found that they did not have any in the store. So, we asked him if we could back order and pick it up later. He checked with his area manager and wrote the order and charged it to my credit card. We asked him if they could ship it to our home address since we live in SC, 30 minutes from the store; he disagreed. He then told us to come by the store on Sunday (Aug. 9) for a pick up.

My wife went to pick up the product on Monday, Aug. 10. First no one wanted to talk to her, everyone ignored her. After waiting for about 20 minutes a lady came from the back of the store, looked at her paperwork and told her they did not have the product and there was a mistake in placing the order (whose fault was it?). The lady said the product will arrive on Thursday (Aug. 13). My wife asked if she could ship the Camcorder to our home; she declined and told my wife to come back again for a pick up. This time my wife called the store before driving another 30 minutes for a pick up. She found that we are not going to get the product and the person at the other end of the phone told her, "Ask your husband to come to the store to get a refund." Now, it appears that we have to drive three times to the store for nothing. What a waste of our time and gas!!!

hhgregg should be ashamed of their poor customer service for wasting our time and gas. While hhgregg's weekly ad about "PRICE & ADVICE - GUARANTEED" - is a big lie. I remember another store did very similar thing to its customers and they are no longer in business, they down the history lane. And you guessed it; it was Circuit City, the electronics giant - had the very bad customer service.

hhgregg should know that with the new information technology words get around quickly and customers are not going to tolerate unscrupulous, unfair business practices.


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      Oct 20, 2009

    you guys are lucky not to be able to purchase it. although jvc produces very good camcorders the problem is the customer and technical service, below is my story...
    I live in Turkey and made a big mistake by buying a JVC Everio GZ_MC 500E 3CCD Camcorder. The mistake was not the JVC Camcorder itself as I was very satisfied, but the turkish distributor itself. Vestel Inc which is a member of Zorlu Group in Turkey and distributing JVC unfortunately. After using my camcorder for about one year with a great satisfaction suddenly it stopped responding and I sent it to the factory for being repaired. After approx six months I have been informed that they are still waiting for the motherboard from Japan. After approx nine months the motherboard arrived but there was no technician to repair it. Finally after 15 monts I got my Everio unrepaired and when I called the customer service they are telling me that I have to start the whole procedure again. So far i know if an electronic device cannot be repaired, it shall be changed with the new one. Actually I looked to the customer care list but Turkey is not listed anywhere. As I spent about two years in Dubai I know that there is a center of JVC over there. I would appreciate either if you can help me either with the repair or change of my camcorder or direct me to the correct address, as I thing that is a very bad reputation for such a leading company in electronics.

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