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My wife and I adopted a pomeranian we saw on on Friday the 14th 2009 from Justin Sullivan. Within 6 days our dog was in the hospital and diagnosed with Parvo. Our dog from the time we purchased him was never outside except for the ride home.
At no time was our dog in contact with anyother dogs except for those at Justyourpup. The dogs were all kept inside a small building with no air conditioning with multiple dogs in each cage.
When we called Justin Sullivan to let him know our dog was diagnosed with Parvo my wife and I wanted information about the breeder which Justin refused to provide and would not even discuss the issue until we provided him with the paperwork from our vet. The only information we have about the breeder is a first inital and a last name (M Goodman).
After finding out about our dog's condition we researched this website for many hours and found links between and other websites accused of selling sick puppies, sending false shot records and selling dogs at too young an age, as well as links to infamous breeders such as Bianca Suwanason.
After finally speaking with Justin again after sending him the required paperwork he was unwilling to reimburse us for the costs we incurred due to the sick puppy he sold us. He insisted that dogs can get Parvo anywhere, and that our puppy contracted Parvo after we purchased him. We assured him that at no time had our puppy come in contact with any other dogs or any areas where other dogs had been.
We are currently seeking action against Justin Sullivan and in Atascosa county. If there is anyone who has had dealing with Justyourpup or Justin Sullivan and would like to join us in our attempt to have this puppy broker and the puppy mills he services shut down PLEASE contact us!


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  • Va
      Jul 13, 2009

    Im glad I read your information before purchasing a puppy with I had contacted Justin about a puppy I had found on his website but now that I read your experience, I will not purchase the puppy from him anymore and try to search other breeders. Its a shame that his website seems so believable specially the lifetime guarantee and in the end, turned out to be nothing like what it seemed. I really hope you are able to fix that issue in court and get your money back. You should try searching for lawyers that do pro-bono work every so many months and sue this person.

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  • Ny
      Aug 03, 2009

    I am not sure where you live, but many states have "lemon laws" regarding animal purchases. You might want to check your state laws regarding this issue (or the state which you puchased your dog from, if different).
    The lemon law basically allows you to 1> exchange the dog (which I think is stupid, because you get so attached quickly) or 2. reimburse the medical expenses up to the purchase price of the dog.
    I hope this works out well for you and that the puppy is feeling better soon.

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  • Ka
      Aug 08, 2009

    This is scary. Justyourpup has a frequent puppy expo in San Antonio (Leon Valley) that last time I went to seemed pretty popular. I wanted to buy a puppy there, but changed my mind b/c of the fact that you don't see the parents, you have no idea where the puppy came from and there is no way of knowing what their living conditions were like. I also didn't like the fact that many of the breeders at the expo had more than one type of breed they were selling. This is a sure indication that they are in it for the money and not for a love of the breed they are selling. You should contact "the defenders" on KSAT 12 news or the Express for help. The joy of buying a puppy is completely destroyed by people like this. Best of luck to you!

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  • Be
      Oct 08, 2009

    I two bought 2 puppies from JUSTYOUPUP and both have parvo. What makes matters worse, Justin would not return my calls when I found out they had parvo. I bought these puppies Sept. 24, 2009. He stacks his puppies in cages atop of each other and when a puppy has parvo, all the others are exposed because of the way they are housed. Interested in a legal suit?

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  • Be
      Oct 12, 2009

    I have an update about my parvo puppies. One of the puppies survied and the other did not make it even with aggressive care. If you buy a puppy from JUSTYOURPUP expect to spend thousands of dollars for vet care because his puppies are sick.

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  • Ch
      Dec 10, 2009

    all of yall are wrong i bought two dogs from him about 5 or 6 months ago and i heard all of this stuff, so i looked it up his puppys are fine. And he does not have puppy mills the building Justin has the lovely puppies in is so pretty and so clean. thanks justin so much for my lil babys. and u have wonderful prices on your dogs.

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  • Jr
      Dec 21, 2009

    Chika32 you may have gotten a good puppy but you are one of the lucky ones. Anyone who sells multiple breeds is a puppy mill, more concerned with making money than the welfare of the puppies. There are too many people out there who have purchased puppies from him that have died. He doesn't return phone calls because he has his money and that is all he cares about. You need to wake up and see it for what it is...

    Everyone victimized by Just Your Pup needs to ban together, compile all your information and as a group send it to Animal Control Services, FBI Internet Fraud Complaint (can do online), contact the local newspaper in his county, TV stations, all the media you can and get this guy shut down.

    Also remember people, by purchasing these dogs from someone who sells multiple breeds and on the internet you are supporting puppy mills.

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  • An
      Jan 29, 2010

    I got a puppy a year ago from Justin and I cant wait to go back and get another! i bought an 8 week old puppy and he is the best! Did tricks in a matter of 3 days and he is so incredibly smart i cant believe it. Justin gets puppy's from other breeders and sells them, my breeder name on the paper is M.Steward. My puppy is a year and 5 months now, very healthy, so muscular and passed his good citizens test. i was so excited to go back to the site and see if i could get another one. i guess you are always taking a chance buying a puppy, he does not breed them himself. Did anybody get interviewed or asked any questions upon buying the puppy? i didn't...this did bother me.

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  • An
      Jan 29, 2010

    hes not selling mulitply dogs online...they are raised in homes with familes then between certain hours he brings them to his place to sell them...after those hours they go back to their homes.

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  • 00
      May 24, 2010

    Some times Good breeders get Parvo also. I am a good breeder and I have two breeds. That does NOT make me a puppy mill. You really need to educate yourself on Puppy Mills. Do NOT call all breeders a puppy mill. You can have multiple breeds and only have one pair for each breed. Some people love multiple breeds. I do. All of ours are AKC and we are AKC inspected for our dogs living conditions. We make a 100%, which is hard to do. This is something you should ask your breeder!! I carry my certification with me everywhere.

    Justin is a broker which means he does just want the money. A broker buys puppies from other people(typically puppy mills) and then sells them for more that what he pays for a profit. Most Good breeders do not make much profit on their dogs because of the vet care involved. If you can not get a shot record from the breeder and look at the puppy and see that it is clean and free of diarrhea then DO NOT buy it!!
    Don't buy the puppy just because it is tiny and cute. Thats what gets you in trouble. They need to have all of their puppy teeth and have pink gums. They need to be at least 7-8 weeks old. The smaller they are the harder you will have to take care of it. They get hypoglycemic and T-cup is a WARNING sign. They have liver shunts and hypoglycemia etc.

    Just do your research before you buy a puppy.

    If Justin has more than one complaint then you should be warned! Parvo is very dangerous and most of the time fatal! It costs a huge amount at a vets office to TRY to save them. I would not want to buy a puppy and get attached and then it die! Plus do your research on Parvo, it is a virus that is not killed with anything but Bleach! You will have to bleach your grass (that will die), your driveway, car inside and out, your house floors, walls, bedding, food bowls, walls, light switches & everything else you or the puppy has touched!

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  • Ti
      Nov 03, 2011

    I have just myself bought a sick puppy from Justin on October 30th, 2011. When I asked to see the parents he said that it wasn't possible and when asked about the cough of the puppy, he told me that it was because the dog was eating grass. After a visit to the vet and talking to a dog trainer, I have come to conclude that he has no animal nor business ethic and have sent him an email with my concerns. My puppy had parasites in his stool, ear mites and bad kennel cough. I can't take him around other dogs nor take him outside for 2 weeks and an okay from my vet on my 2week checkup. I am absolutely not okay with giving him back to Justin and this business. I have contacted Kens12 and will be contacting a lawyer if I am not satisfied with some kind of resolution. I am very upset with the condition and practice of this business and his attempts to cover these things up. If you are an owner and have had a bad experience with him or please contact me at [protected]

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