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FRAUDSTERS! Be aware this website is the same as look on the about us page and you will see the proof, they show an award they have for missesdressy but now they call themselves justprom. After so many bad reviews on missesdressy, the company decided to start "clean" by providing same horrible customer service but under new "clean" name. Be very careful not to fall for the "100% money back guarantee" or should I call that "100% FRAUD guarantee"- on the return policy page it says full refund will be issued no questions asked, but then if you click on link of the "100% money back policy" then it opens a brand new world of how they will take your money and make sure that by the time is all done there is no money to give back. Read the fine print of "If you are returning more than one dress a 20% restocking fee will be added for each dress returned." that is hidden in the mile long page underneath "also note" like is not a big deal. Of course I got to that phrase after I ordered a dress for my daughter under the believe that I can return and get all my money back and surprise- THEY REFUSED TO HONOR the 100% money back- they wanted me to pay 20% restocking fee. The customer service is horrible and I quickly understood that I was SCAMMED!
OMG AT LEAST MY BANK WAS THERE FOR ME. IF YOU GET SCAMMED FROM THIS HORRIBLE PLACE OR THROUGH THEIR MAIN STORE - MISSESDRESSY, DO A CHARGEBACK. BANKS DO NOT SUPPORT FRAUSTERS! Get your money back and go shop to your local store where you can try on the item and see what you order so you do not have to be scammed of your money

Mar 02, 2013

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