justmyshopping / deceptive business practces

1 NY, US
Contact information:
Phone: 18009966324

On 7/17/09 I placed an order with this company. at whichtime they immediately withdrew the money from my account It is now 8/20/09 and I still have received the item. I have tried repeatedly to contact these people. When they do decide to answer you are only lied to some more. I have been told that the item shipped and I should have received it no later than 8/14/09. However they are unable to provide a tracking #. their policy states that a tracking # would be sent e-mail as soon as the item ships. This did not happen yet they insist that they shipped the item. I was told their web page was faulty which prohibited the e-mailbeing sent. Iwas told that their logistics dept. was traking and I would be notified within 1 to 2 business days, that was four days ago. All I want now is my money refunded in full because they failed to honor their contract and bacause of the lies to numerous to mention here. These people absolutely do not want to refund my money. Even though they did not ship an item that is still on their site listed as in stock, shipping in 2 to 4 business days I hope this is a heads up to any one who ever considers buying anything from this company. All I can say is smoke and mirrors

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