Justice Neena Sharma Supreme Court Lacks Intelligence of Judgejustice neena sharma supreme court dumbest canadian judge

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Justice Neena Sharma Supreme Court

Foolish Decisions Made By A Judge who lacks education

The association and the city, which provided some funding for the program, appealed that ruling to the B.C. Court of Appeal.

On Wednesday, George Cadman, a lawyer for the association, told a three-judge panel of the province's highest court that Justice Neena Sharma had made a number of errors, including her use of a legal test for discrimination.

Cadman said it was proven at the tribunal that certain actions of the ambassadors were adverse and that there is a disproportionate number of people within the homeless population who are protected under the B.C. Human Rights Code.

But, he argued, the evidence didn't prove that the ambassadors were in some way acting in a discriminatory manner: "They were essentially doing their jobs as described regardless of a person's race, colour or ancestry."

The appeal hearing, before Justices Harvey Groberman, David Harris and Lauri Ann Fenlon, is expected to finish Thursday.

The ambassadors began by patrolling the streets to assist and greet potential customers, but also attempting to do some crime prevention. VANDU alleged that the ambassadors woke up people sleeping on the street, patrolled alleyways to prevent the homeless from searching garbage bins and even photographed some people.

This Judge is the noted as the dumbest Judge in Canada

Oct 09, 2018
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  • Mo
      Apr 01, 2019
    Best Best Advice

    Mohd Ali Hirji a 74-year-old Canadian Citizen a pensioner has challenged the integrity of the Supreme Court of Canada the Highest Court of Canada, and the integrity of Canadian courts in the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva Switzerland. Hirjis publicly condemns and opposes the lawless acts unlawfully and willfully committed by the Canadian Courts against them.

    The Hirjis have refused to comply with void court orders passed by trial judge Madam Justice Sharma which were based on "falsified findings of facts" in the Reasons for Judgement rendered on November 6, 2015. Madam Justice Sharma committed one of the most serious criminal acts in violation of Criminal Code s. 139 "any judge that willfully commits and jeopardized his/her secured carrier by "Falsifying the Facts" in Reasons for Judgement by taking advantage and abusing the trusted judicial office is punishable in law by removal of the judge from the office and possible jail sentence of up to 10 years". These lawless acts, atrocities, cruelty, and injustices committed by the trial judge on the Hirjis were willfully upheld and aided by the Court of Appeal Judges Madam justice Newbury, Mr. justice Ian T. Donald, Madam Justice Mary E. Saunders, and madam justice Elizabeth A. Bennett.

    Furthermore, these criminal acts committed by the lower court judges are willfully supported and approved by the Supreme Court of Canada judges Honourable Beverley McLachlin, P.C.Chief Justice of Canada, Honourable Justice Russell Brown, Honourable Justice Clément Gascon, Honourable Justice Suzanne Côté, Honourable Justice Malcolm Rowe, Honourable Justice Andromache Karakatsanis, Honourable justice Rosalie Silberman Abella, Honourable Justice Michael J. Moldaver, Honourable Justice Richard Wagner. The Supreme Court of Canada upheld the invalid, void and unenforceable court orders in law to willfully deny justice to the Hirjis and make them homeless unlawfully abusing their judicial offices for the purpose other than the public good.

    These are extremely serious and explosive charges against the fourteen Canadian judicial officers supported by facts, pieces of evidence and court records as presented by Hirji in his case. However, to this day none of the judicial officers named in the petition have defended or repudiated these claims by the Hirjis simply because based on the evidence it can not be justified under the law by the judicial officers of the Court.

    On April 7, 2015, Hirjis appeared before the Supreme Court of British Columbia in a 25 days trial in front of trial judge Madam Justice Sharma. Hirji proved their burden of proof and their case with cogent evidence at the trial. However; Madam Justice Sharma willfully "falsified the facts" in reasons for her Judgment on November 6, 2015, and committed one of the most serious criminal act in violation of criminal code s. 139 that any judge would willingly commit. Such an offense is punishable in law by removal of the judge from the office and possible jail sentence of up to 10 years. The Hirjis repeatedly brought the falsified facts to the attention of the trial judge Madam Justice Sharma before the order was sealed and requested Madam Justice Sharma to correct the "Falsified facts" that results in "Miscarriage of Justice". Madam Justice Sharma unlawfully refused/ ignored to correct the "Falsified Facts" with the full knowledge of the consequences of "falsified facts" and willfully denied justice to the Hirjis. The court issued orders that amount to over $900, 000 in favor of the defendants based on the "falsified facts" that would unlawfully strip down the Hirjis of their lives savings and their home. It allowed the defendants and their insurers to put the charge on Hirjis home that would make them homeless. FOR FURTHER DETAILS SEE WWW.MOHDALIHIRJI.COM AND

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  • Mo
      Jun 19, 2019

    Mohd Ali Hirji and Parin Mohd Ali Hirji Lalani
    1084 Lillooet Road,
    North Vancouver,
    British Columbia V7j 2H8.
    Email: [protected]
    Email: parin.[protected]
    TEL: [protected]
    The Honourable David Lametti
    Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
    284 Wellington Street
    Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H8
    Email: [protected]

    Petitions Team
    Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
    United Nations Office at Geneva
    1211 Geneva 10 (Switzerland)

    Dear Honourable Minister Mr. David Lametti.

    The Hirjis are humbly requesting and bringing to the Ministers attention the violations of Hirjis Human Rights and Constitutional Rights “willfully violated” by the State Courts since 2015 due to the failures of the Canadian courts to uphold the rule of law and render justice and where the judges have failed to perform their judicial function and follow the law or has acted in a manner in which the general public would believe to be wrong based on the evidence in the court registries. This is in violations of Hirjis’ Constitutional Rights and also constitutes violations of Hirjis rights under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and its First Optional Protocol. The Court of Appeal of British Columbia and the Supreme Court of Canada has failed to address the issues that never existed at the trial or in trial records that are inadmissible as evidence in law and have failed to provide a reasoned judgement or address the falsified “findings of material facts” in reason for Judgement that unlawfully changed the course of this litigation in favor the defendants and their Insurers. Had the trial court, or the Court of Appeal of B.C or the Supreme Court of Canada had fulfilled their judicial functions and carried out their judicial duties impartially and upheld the rule of law and struck off the inadmissible evidence of the defendants as required by law and not violated the plaintiffs Charter of Rights and Freedom ss. 7, 11 (d), and s.15 as well as Hirjis human rights that are enshrined in International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and its First Optional Protocol and under the covenants in Article 2(3), Article 6, Article 9, Article 14, Article 16, and Article 26 than the plaintiffs would not have suffered enormous damages amounting to tens of millions of dollars based on the evidence at the hands of the courts nor would they have been placed in this position by the breaches of the State’s courts.

    Please find the attached details of the response to the defendants' application that is self-explanatory. Based on the rule of law the orders of the Supreme Court of Canada that are null and void and are unenforceable in law. The willful refusal of the judicial officers of Supreme Court of Canada to follow their own rulings in landmark cases such as R. v. S. (R. D.), [1997] 3 S.C.R. 484, and Wewaykum Indian Band v Canada, 2003 SCC 45 (CanLII), [2003] SCJ No 50, [2003] 2 SCR 259. This calls into question the impartiality of the highest Court of the land and its members and raises doubt on the public's perception of the Court's ability to render Justice according to law.
    This issue of national importance before the Minister is one of those issues that put the integrity of entire Administration of Justice, and entire Canadian system of Justice and all the judicial officers of the State as Guardians of the Justice system on trial. It puts on trial, the ability of the judicial officers of the State courts as Guardians of the Canadian Justice system and the Court's ability to render Justice according to law of the land and uphold the Constitution. It puts on trial the credibility of the judicial officers of the State courts and honor their oath of office and pledge to protect the constitution and uphold the rule of law and render Justice impartially according to the law in this case based on the evidence and the Rule of law of the land without fear or favor regardless of the status of the perpetrators and hold them accountable for their failures and unlawful acts that brings the integrity of entire administration Justice into disrepute and raises doubt on the public's perception of the Court's ability to render Justice according to the law and destroying the lives of the litigants by the most trusted judicial officers of the court.

    The Hirjis have been persecuted by the judicial officers of the Canadian Courts unlawfully and willfully from 2015 to this day and have been deprived of remedies till now for the crimes that the Hirjis did not commit. These lawless acts willfully committed by the judicial officers of the State courts to willfully “Obstruct the course Justice” and willfully violate the Hirjis Charter and human rights and illegally strip them down of all their assets and their property is no less evil then the crimes and criminal acts committed by the judicial officers of the court against the victims of the World War II that can neither be justified nor can it be defended nor can it be argued successfully by the judicial officers of the Canadian courts in any International Court of Law or in any competent Court of law in the world in view of the undisputed evidence in the court records.

    Hirjis humbly requests the Honourable Minister Mr. David Lametti not to ignore this issue of “Miscarriage of Justice” willfully imposed by the Canadian courts as ignored by the Ex-Attorney General of Canada and Minister of Justice Ms. Judy Wilson Raybould. We pray that the Minister will take into consideration the seriousness and the negative impact this can have on the Canadian civil and law-abiding citizens and the Government’s ability to govern and the legal Institution’s ability to render justice impartially and uphold the rule of the law. We request the Minister to take appropriate steps or take appropriate steps to advise the government to inquire into the failures of the Canadian courts to uphold the rule of the law and the constitution and remedy this “Miscarriage of Justice” willfully imposed by the Canadian courts on the Hirjis. We will forward you the outcome of the hearing on June 24, 2019 for your further consideration.

    Kindly acknowledge receipt of this email.

    Yours Sincerely

    Mohd Ali Hirji.

    C.c United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
    C.c The Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

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  • Ha
      Aug 19, 2019

    Justice Sharma is a complete [censored] really stupid and on a power trip
    and if you review all her cases you will note she falsifies facts and has gotten away with it because none of you have challenged her.

    What you should do stop complaining and file a complaint with Ottawa for her conduct which appears to be foolish and she should be removed from the bench.

    Only reason she is sitting as a judge is because there is a shortage of judges and they could not find anyone else. I work in one of the judges chambers and Justice Neena Sharma is regarded as one of the most incompetent judges in the Supreme Court of Canada

    Sitting in the barrister lounge you hear everything and both the lawyers and the judges believe she is a wacko and has the same IQ as Donald Trump.

    If you believe a judge’s conduct was improper, either during your case or in public, consider making a complaint to the Canadian Judicial Council.

    File a complaint about this dumb judge at:

    Canadian Judicial Council
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1A 0W8

    tel. [protected]; fax [protected]

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  • Ha
      Aug 19, 2019

    Butt Ugly Judge Neena Sharma falsifies facts

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