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Justice McCay or eGamingSupply orGame Monarch, LLC / FRAUD, SCAM, ILLEGAL OPERATIONS

1 205 Mount Holly AveNJ, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 08060

Game Monarch, LLC
Justice McCay
P.O. Box 278
Browns Mills, NJ 08015

Sean W Martin
205 Mount Holly Ave
Mount Holly, NJ [protected]

This company is total fraud. You pay them to buy a secure escrow service, and they can't protect your account and better than you would doing it yourself. With all the talk he does on his site about how secure it is, the truth is here. Not only that, but he promotes fraud on his forums, and allows people to scam each other.


NOTE: He deleted my posts on his forum, so need to post here.

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  30th of Jul, 2009
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The fraud that happens on that site is of dollars every week. They sweep up all complaints by deleting threads like they did to you and myself. So they always look spotless. Good idea, right?

Most staff aren't trained or paid, they're just buddies from all over the world that work for free and met the site founder through instant messengers or in game guilds, etc. (They actually have no background in fraud prevention or in ecommerce. They know nothing and aren't qualified.) The statements about all the grand security are just big-talk.

The middlemen look at an account to see that it can be logged into, hold the money from the buyer, then take some money and pay the seller. That's their anti-fraud service.

Anyone can do that much. A buyer and seller should both be called on the phone (at a minimum).
False claims everywhere.

  29th of Dec, 2009
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EgamingSupply doesn't offer Excrow services...only thing they offer is a Middleman Service for the transfer of owner ship for accounts you can buy/sell/trade.

You sound like someone who either sold an account and took paypal as payment and your buyer did a chargeback or you bought an account and the original owner recalled it. Either one, EGamingSupply's Middleman service wasn't at fault.

  8th of Jan, 2010
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i used this site and 2 months later i received an email...(below)


Dear ***************,

You have received a new private message at eGaming Supply MMORPG Marketplace from Bassline, entitled "*READ ME* IMPORTANT!!!".

To read the original version, respond to, or delete this message, you must log in here:

This is the message that was sent:
Dear eGS Customers

If you ever have or intend to use the eGS MM service and don't want your account banned, read this immediately.

As many of you will be aware, until yesterday I was an Official eGaming Supply Middleman and Moderator. The reason I amn't today, is because I dared to ask my boss (Monarch, Owner of eGS) for the money he owes me for my work as a Middleman for him. He owes me $508.80 and hasn't told me when or even if he'll pay up. He hasn't given me a reason, but has insinuated that I'm a terrible person for daring to ask for the money he owes me.

Now, if this was a one-off situation and I thought maybe he was just having cash-flow problems this month, that would be different. It's not one-off. It's not cash flow.

Monarch owes Mercath (former MM) $769 and has owed this since July and ignores all requests for the money owed.
Monarch owes 45zip (former MM) approximately $180 and has owed this since July and ignores all requests for the money owed.
Monarch owes one eGS customer over $700 and has done since July. He has been told repeatedly about this by former admins but ignores it.
Monarch owes many (30+) other customers varying amounts of money through PayPal disputes for services never delivered. He ignores these disputes.
Monarch owes defray (former eGS admin) many hundreds of dollars (amount not precisely known by me) since well before July. He ignores all communication regarding this.
Monarch owes Infamous Flame (former eGS admin) hundreds of dollars (amount not precisely known by me) since July. He ignores all communication regarding this.

I've tried to illustrate the reason I'm not prepared to wait around for this payment indefinitely. Monarch has a huge track record of never paying his debts, and I will not wait to find that out myself.

I would hope that this post spurs Monarch into repaying all of these debts but at the very least, I require that Mercath, 45zip and I receive the money we are owed by 15th November. I require that Monarch confirms this will happen by replying to this post by 8th November.

Now, the consequences if this doesn't happen. I hate to resort to this, but I have the database used by eGS MM for the last several years to record all information about the accounts we've secured. This database contains the following (and a lot more besides) on hundreds of accounts:

Account Login
SE login
Old password
New password
OO Info name
Account payment history
E-mail address
Phone number
Characters name
EGS WTS thread (hard copy made)
EGS MM thread (hard copy made)

As you can see this is more than enough information to have these accounts banned and rendered worthless if I release it publicly and to the game publishers. I will not hesitate to do this if Monarch does not comply with my requirements detailed above.

I should also point out that this database is still used for all future MM transactions on eGS and I still have access to this. Any and all future eGS MM transactions will be subject to having their game accounts banned if Monarch does not pay (this small portion of) his dues. If you're looking for a safe middleman service, the one I would recommend is the one Mercath is currently running at another site. You can contact me privately for the details.

In summary, if Monarch does not comply, every person who has ever or will ever use eGS' MM service will have their game account banned. We're talking hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of loss.

If you don't want this to happen, it's very simple. Persuade Monarch to do what's right.


Again, please do not reply to this email. You must go to the following page to reply to this private message:

All the best,
eGaming Supply MMORPG Marketplace

and yes i lost the account which i paid for the "middleman secure service"

  17th of Apr, 2010
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The posts on this site were posted by staff members who went rogue, who actually stole from and manipulated users. Bassline, as referred to above, was one of the most notorious of our staff members for doing this.

We provide legit 100% real services, and we're based in the USA. I'm from NJ. I have yet to see a single real complaint that haven't come from people banned for multiple user accounts (which statistically leads to fraud) or a complaint not made by a staff member who was banned after deep investigation was done for them. We've had a few staff go rogue, and since we've went through incredible procedures and policies to prevent this from happening again.

eGaming Supply CEO

  20th of Jul, 2010
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Virtual FAQs is investigating this and hope to receive more info regarding this complaint. If you have any other details regarding this story, please forward this to me. Thanks for your time.

Please check out for additional info regarding EGS.

  2nd of Apr, 2011
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Per what Monarch deleted off his website.

Monarch is currently away and hasn't been on for some time, due to this he has missed payment for us middlemen.

I had previously told Monarch that should he miss payment one more time I would step down. He's been out for 2 weeks now with no word. He hasn't paid some of the MMs, and he hasn't paid any of us for December.
I checked the company Plimus account as I was going to refund some people their Middleman Transaction IDs and I got the message saying there was no funds available, meaning Monarch withdrew everything.
To those waiting for their services, I apologize. I advise you file a chargeback. Heck I advise everyone who can to file a chargeback on anything they purchased from Monarch, since he owes people money and has stolen from us technically speaking. Don't let him have free cash. The Middleman Service is pretty much the only thing keeping EGS afloat. To those who have recently purchased Middleman Transactions, you may have noticed I refunded them and sent you a PM, similar to this including the following:

"If you would still like me to carry out this middleman transaction I ask you send payment to my personal paypal address: *Edited out*
Send it as "Payment: Other" and in the text field please put Virtual Transaction: EgamingSupply Middleman services rendered.
Once you do so please PM me and I'll continue your service ASAP via your thread already made.
I will be sending this to all current open MM transactions until Monarch returns and pays last month's dues. If you have any questions please PM me."

All in all, Monarch owes me alone (He owes other members a lot also) $878.95 Usd + $200 for december.
Here's my old Thread in the staff section regarding this:

Originally Posted by Artemys View Post
April's Totals

Transaction IDs:


5 total for April x $9.95 = 49.75


March Totals: 63 Transactions x $9.95 = $626.85


February Totals: 53 Transactions x $9.95 = $527.35


Payments Received from Monarch:

Date:Apr 21, 2010
Amount: $150.00
(Unique Transaction ID #2ET320388N1102500)

Date: Mar 28, 2010
Amount: $100.00
(Unique Transaction ID #4D496582JJ448935G)

Date: Mar 23, 2010
Amount: $75.00
(Unique Transaction ID #3N827851TM053950W)

[This one was for January, was paid in full that month, this one is not included in the above totals, it's here for reference to show this payment I received was for January and not another month]
Date: Feb 5, 2010
Amount: $139.90
(Unique Transaction ID #62S50871XM451450X)


Total Owed after Adding February + March + April AND Subtracting the 3Payments Received: $878.95 Usd

Posting this, will reply with Transaction IDs for each respective Month.
The months not mentioned he paid for, some were a bit late but he paid.
As you've all noticed Monarch has gotten more and more ridiculous with every post he makes.
He's VERY disrespectful to the staff and members. He is childish and annoys the staff via Messenger with inappropriate posts and spam (Staff be kind to verify this for me).

There's also been recent Staff applications for both Moderator and Middleman that were never replied to. Monarch had asked me to take charge and determine who would meet the requirements. Truth be told, when I gave my opinions and comments he would completely ignore what I say and end up getting someone else who didn't apply and was new to the forums (no offense to you guys, but please see this from my perspective. Luckily you all are great people).
As for middleman applicants, I'm glad he didn't get anyone as it would been one more angry person who didn't get paid.

I'm more than confident I'll be removed for this. I expect to be. More importantly I urge everyone who reads this to not be tempted to Middleman for him. Everything everyone has ever said about Monarch being a Scammer and a Liar, From Infamous Flame(Former Admin, was removed for site sabotage) to Derfy(Same as Infmaous Flame) to Bassline(Unpaid Middleman, was removed for holding accounts ransom for not getting paid), . It's all true. Please note, here I'm referring only to personal comments they made towards Monarch as a person. In the case of Infamous Flame, Derfy and Bassline; I did not approve of the actions they choose to take, nor do I encourage nor entertain them. I'm merely pointing out the fact that evern that far back, his own staff spoke out against him in this manner of not Paying his Middleman or of being a rude CEO and insulting staff and members.
More recently, Astralfow(Former MM, Removed for publicly posting against Monarch for not getting Paid) was removed for the reasons I stated.
He wasn't in the same league as the for-mentioned trio but he was also an unpaid Middleman, like myself who was removed for illuminating the mass.

However unlike the actions some of the before mentioned took, I wont do such a thing. I'll never resort to "stealing accounts" or anything like that.
I'll continue to offer Middleman services but not through EGS. If anyone would like, please don't purchase it, but rather PM me, Artemys.

Quoting what someone told me, "Ironically, Monarch is this site's biggest scammer"
From refunds to his forced ASP to Middleman payments.
But it doesn't stop there, read this:

He scammed someone for $200 there.
I'm not even going to start about what he does with the money, use your imagination, you're probably right.

I was patient with Monarch for a long time. I offered my help to him to make
EGS better many times, only to be shot down or insulted.

I'm sure many of you have noticed a decline in staff activity also, especially our higher tier Staff. In reality they're just like our Jr.Mods, they don't have the ability to actually help, as Monarch gives no permissions.

Here's a PM I got from monarch:

Originally Posted by Monarch
Hey, I really need your dedication as immediately as possible and throughout this month of December. I really need you to devote a lot of time and effort into working hard this month and attracting sales as well as moderating forums.

We need to utilize this month so that we can start a new beginning with EGS. In all seriousness, your current work performance just isn't cutting it. Please, I really need your dedication.

We need to promote our Middleman Service more frequently specifically in ALL WTB, WTS, and WTT threads. And we also need to desperately start moderating both users and posts/forums a lot more because users are getting away with murder; I see a lot of spam, a lot of links, and instant messenger and email addresses being posted and that's not allowed. We're losing business.

If you can really dedicate yourself this month and work your a$$ off and do as I requested, every staff member will be equally compensated as a Christmas present by the end of this month. We all desperately need to work together and much harder to moderate users/forums and also promote services, so that we can generate a lot more revenue than what we have currently made this month - a pity $300 - and stash enough to make major changes as well as enough to equally share upon each other.

Major changes are in the making. I am counting on you to help us all progress to the next level. And I promise you that if you put in the time, effort, and work, that you will be fairly compensated for it. This month is the start to an entire new site and business model. I need your dedication during the rest of December (obviously excluding Christmas Eve, Christmas, & the day after) so that we can clean up our forums, weave out our bad/rule-breaking users, and generate massive amounts of sales & revenue. Make this month be our best month. Please, dedicate yourself and start working hard now.

I am hoping to see all the staff here really put in 200% throughout the month, and I am hoping that I will have the excitement to hold a staff meeting via Ventrillo at the month to share our success, our total revenue, and announce the amount of money that will be equally shared amongst all of EGS staff members. I am putting my trust in you to work together and to work with me hard throughout the rest of December.

See you on EGS.
- Monarch
He wanted me to Moderate and Middleman, as well as answer Support Tickets, so on and so on. He has the nerve to say my current work isn't cutting it, I just laughed back when I read that.

He has reaped what he has sown.
If I'm banned for this, which I'm expecting, I'll see you guys around. I have the same name in many forums so feel free to contact me. Some of you I have on MSN or AIM.

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