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Upon my initial joining at the Planet fitness Just Gym I was informed that it would not be a problem if my kids age 12 and 9 sit at the entrance (at that time there was a small high counter table and chairs outside the entrance gate)... the table was removed and the staff informed me its not a problem they can sit directly at the same spot just on the other side of the entrance gate...there was no problem for several months.

Then an admin lady rudely insulted me and told me that I am not allowed to bring my kids to the gym. It was an extremely bad experience, there was not once in this conversation dealt with me like a customer.

I then spoke to the Rustenburg supervising manager Ogopoleng..who said that he will address the matter with the admin lady and that he knows that my kids have not once over stepped boundry and are allowed to sit at the entrance. I then undertook not to report the staff member as I took the word from the supervising manager that the problem will be dealt with.

Matter was resolved and I entered with my kids months thereafter.

Today 9 March my kids sat at the entrance while I was training and again an extremely rude staff member, named Otsile came with my kid in to the gym telling me kids are not allowed... I informed her about the previous occasion where the manager informed me its not a problem.

She bluntly said...remove this kid from the premises and went on to speak to the other employees mocking the situation. She further said she will gladly cancel my membership, while laughing in my face while there was a witness standing with me the whole time.

Upon speaking to the same manager Ogopoleng I was informed that its now a problem as other members children over stepped boundry and therefor no more exceptions and I can call tomorrow to cancel my membership.

Ive never in my life been so humiliated in such way. Every where I go I will inform as much people to stay away from Just Gym Rustenburg.

I further went on to call the Manager Loyd at Just Gym Rustenburg on 10 March and informed him about the situation, he informed me that he will address the staff member about the situation and apologise on her behalf for the terrible experience. I then requested him to please explain why I was mislead in the first place upon joining that it will not be a problem if my kids sit at the entrance. He's reply was simply he will address the matter with all of the staff and that sorry my kids are not allowed. Even though on many occasions other kids are even inside the gym sitting at tables and chairs near the vending machine. I was simply told that I can call the call centre to cancel my membership.

Mar 10, 2017

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