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This company's customer service reps are extremely rude and condascending. I just called them to ask a simple question (it's very difficult to find some of their products on their website - I called about their Soft Impressions cellular shades). I had my measurements and colors and was ready to spend some money as I planned to order several shades, but after my experience with Mike in customer service, I will not order from this company. I told Mike that I didn't see ther Soft Impressions shades listed anywhere on their site in the area from which a customer can place an order and he rudely stated all their shades are on the left side of the screen on their website. Not true. He told me to tell him my name so he could look me up in their system and I advised him I just wanted him to tell me how to navigate their website so I could place my order. He argued with me and raised his voice, at which point I told him I wanted to speak to a supervisor. He then CONTINUED arguing with me. After the supervisor finally got on the phone, he gave me the answer in less than 30 seconds! After all that hassle, I don't even want to place my order now. There are other companies out there. doesn't deserve the business when they treat prospective customers this way!

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      Oct 22, 2012

    It drives mew crazy sometimes that people in a "sales" role can even fathom being rude to a potential customer. It's easy to forget that you represent the company that you're working for. You ARE the company as far as I, the customer, is concerned. If you make me upset, then I not only dislike YOU, but I dislike THE ENTIRE COMPANY. Sure, that's probably not fair, but it's the way I feel. I, as the customer, can also be guilty of having a bit of an attitude before I even make the phone call. Reps can pick up on this...even though it's MY problem, a good rep will diffuse my anger or confusion and make me feel safe and more confident. A "bad" one, like the one described above, will feed of of it and just make things worse. The bottom line is - we all have bad days - and a bad day for a rep in a call center can be extremely magnified. When it's your JOB to help people, you have to leave your "street attitude" at home - no matter how much of an attitude the customer already has!

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  • Ka
      Oct 22, 2012

    It sounds like we really let you down, great customer service is important to us and we’re so sorry to hear that you received anything less. We’ve passed your comments on to our Customer Service Management team and hope we can earn your business back one day. Thank you for letting us know.
    -- The JustBlinds team

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