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I have been trying to get some feedback on captcha. This is a code which was developed to prevent computerized answers to sweepstakes. The idea is that a computer cannot understand weird forms of letters and numbers. Only humans can understand. Well, I don't understand. You are supposed to copy what is written in the block and my answer is never right. I read a little about it and it seems that each letter or number have a coded meaning. How do you get the rules. That was my question. I can't tell any more and if I could, I wouldn't have contacted a JustAsk expert.

I tried to explain this to their customer service on line and their answer was "this cannot be answered." There doesn't seem to be any other way to reach them that I could see. They said it would be $14.00 per month per year but you could cancel if you said you were not satisfied within 30 days . I wasn't satisfied within 30 minutes. I doesn't seem they want to answer anything.

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  • Hu
      10th of Nov, 2010

    I was also scammed by justask, they took £22 off me then never replied.I have sent them several emails, but they will not reply to any of them.Why can they be allowed to do this to so many people?.The sad thing is they are making a fortune from this scam, they need to be stopped.

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  • Vi
      18th of Nov, 2011 - Visa charge for no advice
    "Just Ask" scam
    United States
    Phone: 415 400 7990

    I was about to enquire about my wife's cancer (stage 4) I was requested to provide a $35.00 VISA payment in advance stating that will be refunded IF THE REPLY WAS SATISFACTORY..
    It sounded good and I trusted THE WRITTEN WORDING. After all Medical Doctors would not be involved in FRAUD!. I was mistaken. My request remained unaswered, but my VISA account was charged $ 35.00/
    I thought there was a Law to protect people from massive fauds on the web similar to this one. If anyone reading this knows of such authority where a complaint could be lodged, please send me a note to: [protected] /attention Victor./ I would really appreciate some guidlines concerning this or similar scams. As for the benefit of all of us these practices have to be stopped !!

    I gues anyone who wishes to have advice on medical matters better find a REAL LIVE MD instead of throwing money away for such fraud.
    Thank you for reading my brief.

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