Just us Rentals / Total rip off

1 527 North Cameron St, Harrisburg, PA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 717-909-5500

I purchased a 2000 pontiac sunfire convertible with over 180, 000 miles from this company I made every payment on time and took the car in for regular oil changes and tune ups, When i first got the car the AC did not work and he promised he would fix that but i was told that the repair shop was not open on saturdays or sundays so it never got fixed there were other problems with it but thats not the reason i am here complaining about the vehicle. The car was purchased for 7500 and i paid 6500 so far, i refused to pay for it when the headgasket went and the water pump and the thermostat and the timing belt all at the same time, this car is worth 2500 in kellybluebook but he sold it to me for 7500. Now when I was one month late on payments( and i only owed about 1000) because i could not get to work, the owner of the dealership came to my house at 10:00pm at night screaming and yelling knocking and banging on my door saying "Your time is up" "I will have your arrested for theft of a leased vehicle". Which is only a threat there is no law in PA where he can arrest you, I cannot wait for him to take me to court and when i tell the judge what he did I am hoping to get him shut down, He messed with the wrong Single Mother!!! I tried working with him but he was unwilling to work with me, it seems this guy Jessie sells single mothers broken down cars and then comes to their houses when the car breaks down and they cannot get to work he threatens single woman with little children and scares them into giving them the keys! DO NOT GIVE HIM THE KEYS LET HIM TAKE YOU TO COURT AND LET THE JUDGE DECIDE. Or if you are thinking about buying a car from him be very careful and know that he preys on people with bad credit and he sells you old cars that do not qualify for lemon laws but they are all lemons on his lot! I actually just looked at a bmw on his lot the last time i made a payment and the door did not even open and he was selling it like that!! Buyer Beware!

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