Just Letting Centurion East / Lease Agreement

1 South Africa

I recently signed a Rental lease Agreement with Just Letting Centurion East for renting a unit as of the 1st February 2010. The necessary monies paid over consisting of the deposit, rental, admin costs & Electricity deposit. However since the 28/01/2010 I have been trying to no avail to contact the estate agent, in obtaining the key to the unit.
On the 30/01/2010 she did respond requesting if I would be able to accomodate the current tenant for a few days (as he was unable to move due to unforeseen circumstances ) of which I agreed, as I was going abroad for a few days.
I returned on Friday 05.02.2010, and requested the keys. The agent advised me of the latest developments. The current tenant has been unable to obtain alternate accommodation and in respect of his dilemma, I would have to find a place.
I find the manner in which Just Letting Centurion East conducts business to be unethical. Decisions were made in my absence and I am the one who is currently without residence :-(
the mere fact that all monies have been paid and the don't care attitude of the staff says alot.
Disgruntled Tenant

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