JunkMailBlaster.comPromise of steady work,but nothing comes of it

I saw an ad for this company called Junk Mail Blasters. The way they explained it, once I signed up and paid $54 USD I would soon be getting work through them. The work was pretty basic. I would be sorting e-mails for different companies. I would be given access to the contracted business's mail system where I had to sort out the spam from the legitimate mail. The pay was .09 GBP for each e-mail sorted. They said if I had any questions I could ask my personal advisor, Susan. I e-mailed her a couple of times, but since then have had no contact;all my messages come back saying there is no such user/company. They contacted me 10 days ago saying my first contract would start June 15 and they would get in touch with me the night before to explain how everything worked. After my last two messages were returned, I began researching the company on the internet. Turns out it is a scam. They rent two floors in some council flat over there and have duped other people in this manner. They have even removed their contact information from the website where you sign up.


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