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Juniper MasterCard / They lied and have stolen money from me

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I had what I thought was a nice lady...the first I had talked to at Juniper. She lied to me like everyone else at that credit card company had. Talked me into closing my account saying they would lower my payment/interest. They claimed I never talked to her and that they never gave me that information. They posted payments late, increased interest rates to almost 34%, charged continuous over limit fees, late fees and any other kind of fee that they could think of. I am paying off Juniper/Barclay so I don't support any more of their overseas grandkids.


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  • Ch
      3rd of Sep, 2008
    +1 Votes

    We would make our payment to juniper well in advance of when it was due and they would claim they never recieved it. Result of this was late fees and the result of that was over the limit fees. Juniper has been known to withhold payments until after the bill is due and then posting them very late in order to claim all of those extra fees. This is a company that is operated by an overseas company and should be treated like criminals. It took my lawyer and several hundred dollars to fix this problem. Juniper should be forced into shutting down its opperations in America and forced to repay any and all late and over the limit fees it has ever charged to anyone.

  • De
      22nd of Apr, 2009
    -1 Votes

    if a customer is late you will be assessed a late fee and if you are over your limit an overlimit fee will be assesed.before making such comment recall the agreement you signed for the are not allowed to be late and be over your limit..if you feel that you are being harrassed by phone calls from us, well basically we are just trying to collect the money that you owe us which has already over its due date..if you think that we are withholding payments untill your account is due, well there are a lot of ways to pay your account. you can pay online, over the phone or by sending us a check just make that you will be aloting enough time to proccess the payment that is why you are given a due date. if you will be sending a check make sure tyo send within 7business days because that is the traveling time of the check..we also have our numbers written at the back of the card for you to call just in case you have issues or is not handled by an overseas company an should not be treated as criminals.we are just humans like you and calls within junniper is routed to different site..dont be a racist!dont judge the people by the color of their skin nor the language or how they speak.americans might be good in english that is beacuse that is the language that you are use to speak..keep in mind there are also americans who are hard to understand..we are not savages if that is what you think of us..we are just doing our job

  • Le
      2nd of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes
    Juniper MasterCard - Overcharged
    Juniper MasterCard
    United States

    Raising APR on mastercards to 30% (29.99). Customer service (in India I think) will not help with rate and also late charge will not be voided even though only a day late. Plan to payoff and get away from this ripoff. Suggest others check your invoice closely for some severe surprises!

  • Ed
      8th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Juniper has also lied to me and continues to charge me overlimit fees of thirty nine dollars on a date prior to my due date. This is despite the fact that I was not overlimit before or after the due date. No one can afford continual thirty nine dollar overlimit fees and ever pay these criminals. I called just this morning and was told that I would avoid additional late fees if I do not use the card and pay only the minimum payment before the due date. Well, I just did that last month and was still charged thirty nine dollars because the payment was not received by the day before, which was well prior to the due date. The United States government should take action to force this crooked business to repay all false fees and put these people out of business for good! I have made my credit card payments on time every time and paid more not less than the amount owed----yes, the Juniper people are criminals and should be punished as such,

  • La
      12th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    This credit card is the worst I have ever dealt with. They raised my interest to 29.9 and I pay more than minimum each month and I pay on time. I cancelled this card and just want to pay it off. I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE ANYONE NOT TO APPLY OR ACCEPT THIS CARD...

  • Sh
      18th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    I always made my payments on time before I retired -- sometimes two weeks before they were due and more than double the minimum amount due (sometimes I would pay off the entire balance and then they would increase my credit limit) -- and Juniper would mark every fourth payment late. The only times I over extended my credit limit was when Juniper increased the interest rate to almost 35%. I tried talking with them and they wouldn't budge. They aren't willing to work with the customer. All they want is the big interest money. Currently, of my $137 minimum payment, almost $100 of it goes to the monthly interest charge. I recently retired and have worked up a very strict budget which included a hefty monthly payment to Juniper. But most of that money goes to the interest payment. Because Juniper won't work with me in adjusting my payment due date, I will probably have to declare bankruptcy because my Social Security Checks come in the day after my Juniper payment is due. It's a shame because if Juniper would work with me in just adjusting my payment due date by three days, there would be no problems and they would get more than their minimum payment. Actually, Juniper just shot itself in the foot, but of course I will be the one that suffers. This is no way to treat senior citizens.

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