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This credit card company changed my due date without notifying me. When I went to open my bill on thhe day BEFORE my usual due date, they had changed it, and it had already passed. Then they charged me a late fee. I subsequently did a balance transfer of my entire account and have ceased to do business with them.

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  • Sp
      Sep 11, 2008

    Respecterd sir,
    i have card ending with 4144.This card i pay a check last month 22 auguest but not taken that date.lately tken and credited my check and one of the check i sent u but u r telling some date missing so sent my check immediately to my address and change my due date is Ist week of this month.Pls iam not able to pay end of this month so change it
    with regards
    card no:ending 4144

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  • Ly
      Sep 14, 2008

    Juniper / Barclays pulled this same tactic with me this month. My due date was moved up two days earlier than it ever falls. I went online to pay early, only to find I had missed it, resulting in an entire month of finance charges and a late fee on top of that (about $75 in total). A phone call to the company to rectify the matter and explore the due date discrepancy was met with rudeness. There was no explanation for the change in the due date. This tactic to generate revenue by fleecing their timely-paying customers, en masse, is unacceptable, and I will follow suit, Ken. Thanks for posting.

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