Juniper / Barclay Visa - Apple ComputerThis company is ran by - CROOKS

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I ordered an IMac form Apple computer ( financed by their online finance company ) Juniper / Barclay VISA in April 2009. It arrived with a defective video card. Apple replaced this defective computer with another Imac - which had defective ports. Apple replaced this defective computer with a Macbook - that ALSO had defective ports. Finally - a Macbook Pro arrived - which has functioned properly. The last computer was sold with 100% interest-free financing for one year. I have made a total of $1422 in monthly payments to Juniper / Barclay VISA in 4 months. Last month I was charged a $39 late payment fee AND a $22 finance charge. The VISA representative told me that my check had arrived TWO days after the due date. She said rthat she would NOT remove these charges.

Stay away from - ANYTHING - that 'APPLE" finances...


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      Aug 22, 2009

    Credit card companies are all fleecing customers pocketbooks. They want folks that have money and pay their bills to makeup for the billions lost to folks that never pay their CC. The transfer of wealth is just beginning.

    Best way is to pay online with a definite transaction date and don’t trust ever the US mail.

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      Sep 04, 2009

    Juniper was OK until they just sent me a letter jacking up their already borderline high interest rates from almost Vari. 23% to almost Vari. 28% : (
    I just paid the greedy Ba$%^$#@ off. I was a stellar customer now they can take their card & shove it. By the way a week earlier they raised my limit without my asking & sent me some checks. I am glad I did not take the bait from these crooks.

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      Nov 06, 2009

    We just signed up with a Debt Management Company and every single credit card company has agreed to work with us ACCEPT Apple Juniper! They refuse to work with the Debt Management Company, they refuse to work with us, they refuse to do anything that slightly resembles customer service! This is a HORRIBLE company with greedy F**9%^& at the helm. They are the number one credit card company the government should go after! We owe them a measly $1800 to which they are charging us 29.99% interest along with $39 per month finance charges! DO NOT open a credit card account with these people! If you want to buy from Apple, use a different credit card like Chase!!!

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      Dec 16, 2009

    I just switched back over to Citibank after much hassle in submitting a dispute form. It was a tiring experience. I had to repeatly call the now Barclaycard dispute department until I finally got someone who was clear and concise on the steps necessary to file the dispute forms. This was previously nowhere to be found on the website. It was eventually resolved but only because the merchant, well known for scams (Google Wealth Package) agreed to pay the charges back. Citibank, which I have been with for over 20 years automatically take matters in their hands ( sometimes cutting their losses ) and that's the end of it. No hassle. I simply call them to let them know what merchant I'm disputing and fill out the form on the back of the the monthly statement. ANother thing to be aware of, when I schedule a payment to be posted 3 or 4 days ahead of due date, the Barclay website doesn't show the correct earlier date but rather the due date. When I inquired about this, they stated that it's the way the system works and assured me that my payment will post as schedule. It didn't and posted ON the due date on a Saturday. Cutting it a bit close if you ask me. The iTunes bonus just isn't worth the trouble considering how high the APR is at over 27% now compared to Citi's 19.9%.

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      Mar 10, 2010

    I made a monthly payment in Nov. of $50, then made another near the end of the month for $100, assuming that paying early for Dec. was a good idea, since my other money would be tied up in X-mas. Well, apparently since it was still in that same Nov. billing cycle (barely), when I didn't make a Dec. payment they charged me $30, then another $25 because that other fee overdrew me by a few dollars. Then they raised my APR and started taking out more interest. They made NO effort to hear me out on this. I can't wait until I pay this card off, cut it up, melt it, and continue to tell every person within earshot what a bunch of dishonest crooks are at this company.

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      May 19, 2010

    This company is [censor], because of it and Apple's relationship, I will no longer be buying anything from Apple. I got a no interest payment for 12 months offer, was making payments on line every month, then after a year, they totalled all the interest charged and added it to the bill and sent me a minimum payment of like $900 and then they are calling me every hour, harasing me, why I can't make the minimum payment of almost $1000, and only can afford $300.

    Apple - I am very disapointed in you in your selection of the Bank, they are complete trash and because of it, I will no longer be buying you products, because I can't afford a $3000 computer without financing and since that is a a scam, no more business from me.

    Over the past 4 years I bought: 1 Power Mac G5, 2 laptops, but not anymore.

    These days I will buy a new PC for $500 and load it with Linux for free and save the money.

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      May 19, 2010

    Say away from this Bank, if you can't afford to pay cash for a new Apple computer, don't buy it at all, its not worth the headache later.

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