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Julia Moreno is not fit to be a Nanny. She neglected my kids and the kids of her previous employer of 9 years, who fired her for it.

When people are afraid to speak up, for fear of retaliation, it causes the next family to be put in danger. So, even though she may attempt to strike back in some way, I feel it is my responsibility to report, in a public forum, the abuses my family endured by making the mistake of hiring Julia Moreno as our Full Charge House Manager in Orange County.

I will summarize and then I will provide details. Julia Moreno endangered my two year old daughter. Julia Moreno, who came here from El Salvador, hired some of her friends to do housework in my home, telling us they were here legally, only to discover that her friends had snuck into the United States from Mexico illegally. Julia Moreno disclosed more than I want to know about the personal lives of the family she worked for prior to us, including their marital problems, financial activities, approximated net wortt, how their marriage was diong and how badly she felt they were ignoring their children.

A our House Manager Julia Moreno called in sick often and expected to be paid, even though she was only with us a short period of time. Soon after hiring her we found out that she was unwilling to do the very job she was hired to do. She wanted housekeepers to clean and asked me to hire a nanny to look after my kids. She then fired that nanny and lied to us, saying that she just mysteriously quit. She did the same thing with our gardener.

Too often we were starting to have to walk on eggshells, as she was easily set off and becoming increasingly more abrasive, whenever she was asked to do laundry or to prepare food a certain way. She had an idea of how we should live our lives and run our family and she would throw a fit if we did not conform to that.

Julia Moreno tried to turn husband and wife against each other, in order to get out of doing work, which is something we later discovered she had done with the family she worked for before. In fact, she did it in the exact same way.

If you hire Julia Moreno, it is my personal opinion that you are bringing into your home someone who is a liability. Your children will not be properly fed. You will be lied to. There will be a lot of drama. She will snap and you and she will snap at your children. But at first, she will be very sweet and agreeable. And we fell for it. And now my children are devastated that she is suddenly gone as she quickly made them feel like she was their grandmother, only to later snap at them, tune them out, feed them junk food, send a child to school without breakfast and then abandon them.

We recently learned she was running some kind of scam with her ex husband. She wanted to be paid in cash in order to avoid having to pay her share of the child support, for her minor child, after their divorce. She asked me to report that she only earned $500 a week, to the IRS, to help her with this. I of course will not be a party to this type of fraud.

We hired Julia Moreno through a service. She informed us that they were personal friends and were not going to charge us one month of her pay, in order to hire her. As it turns out that is not true. Julia Moreno lied to us. We now owe that company $6, 000 (one month’s pay).

One of the most common sense things anyone knows who has worked with children is that you never take anything personally. When my two year old yelled “No” at Julia Moreno, she turned her back on her and stormed out of the room, leaving our 2 year old baby standing on a tall counter all by herself.

My wife and I are professionals and we are busy.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Costa Mesa, CA We take full responsibility for making the mistake of trusting Julia Moreno with our child. It was the pediatrician who revealed to us that the baby was being fed junk food, instead of the fresh and non-processed food we instructed Julia Moreno to serve her. I realize to some we may sound like pampered people. And perhaps this is true. But we love our children and we are horrified to learn that someone was mistreating our baby.

Julia Moreno told us that, at the last house she worked out, the parents were “trust fund brats” and that she “basically ran the house and raised their kids for them”. It became clear that she had a serious attitude problem about us not giving her full autonomy and instead having very specific guidelines about what the children were allowed to eat. We found she was actually hiding food. In the morning she would often simply not feed the children at all, or else she would give them junk food, rather than have to actually cook. The baby was so sick to her stomach, she was crying for days before we started to put this together. I feel so badly for my little girl.

Our children’s safety and health are very important to us. We both feel sick and guilty for allowing someone into our house who would endanger them the way that Julia Moreno did. That was a close call. Fortunately someone brought this to our attention before the baby got sicker.

I am saddened and angry that someone would mistreat our toddler so badly. How can anyone be so cruel. If anyone hires Julia Moreno to care for their kids, this is what they're getting in to. And this is why I am writing all of these reports. I owe it to the children she has not harmed... yet.

Throwing away clothes after ruining them by washing them on the wrong temperature is something I can let go of. But neglecting my baby is not.

If I’m paying someone $75k per year to run my house, I should not have to walk on eggshells because of their moods. I should be able to turn my back for a moment and know that my children are not going to miss a meal. I should not have to worry that my family’s personal business is being gossiped about. I should be able to trust that the job I hired her to do is actually being done and I should never be lied to, in order to hook her friends up with jobs, only to find out that I am possibly hiring illegal aliens.

It is my personal opinion that, if you interviewed Julia Moreno for a House Manger or Nanny job, you would wonder how anything I am saying her could possibly be true. But if you hire her, you will find ou the hard way. I only wish that one of the families she worked for, had posted type of review online, to warn other people – if for no other reason than to protect children.

This is not revenge. This is me taking responsibility to warn the next family, to protect your children and your privacy, even though I may face some sort of backlash as the result of this, as she does know intimate details about our family.

When a baby is getting sick all the time, is too cold, not having her diapers changed and becoming malnourished, that is something that must be taken seriously. Julia Moreno is not someone who should be trusted in anyone’s home, or with anyone’s children or privacy, in my opinion, based on my experience as her former employer. I am profoundly sad and profoundly angry.

I have reached out to her previous employers to let them know what private information about their personal lives was disclosed to us, so that they can protect themselves. I am exploring my legal options to make sure that Julia Moreno is restrained from violating my family’s privacy as well reporting her to Child Services.

Jan 22, 2015
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      Feb 09, 2015

    You will never know her. She's deceitful and calculating and uses the affection of children and formalities like Mr. & Mrs. to secure her place in your home all the while envying what she doesn't have and forming opinions of those who are paying her (very very well, I might add). She will turn any story so that she becomes the victim and when there is conflict, she cuts off, changes her phone number and disappears.

    We are traumatized that we thought we knew her after 10 years. She said she had NEVER been in trouble with the law "not even a traffic ticket" and come to find that while she was working for us she had a misdemeanor. Why was that not noted, found or disclosed by the child care agency?

    She will come with her cute, young son and will try to make you feel bad for her as a single mom but I assure you she has everything that she needs and will take more from your family in the end that she contributes.

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