Julia Lee Bradley (aka) Julia Lee Slaughter, Self, FinleyTheft by deception. Credit card fraud.

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Julia Lee Bradley was indicted by a grand jury in September of 2015 for theft by deception over $10, 000.00 and fraudulent use of a lost/stolen credit card over $10, 000.00.

She pleaded guilty on both counts and received a three year sentence on each. However, in order to avoid prison time she was placed on a diversionary status for a total of five years.

Jan 26, 2017
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  • Ka
      Mar 24, 2017

    This woman files a criminal complaint on the above statement, but she doesn't inform them the reason why the statement was even made in the first place? What kind of person actually believes they can get on the internet and attack a persons character and then file a criminal complaint against them when they retort to their complaint?

    Google the name WILLIAM RANDOLPH FINLEY (aka) BEAU and read the comments made by Julia Bradley on the websites [redacted] and USACOMPLAINTS. She accuses me of being abusive! Portrays me as a HOMOSEXUALl! and a MONSTER! She even says I told her I was used by my mothers boyfriend when I was a child. I never said it! My mother never had a boyfriend, Hence I couldn't have been used by one!

    She says in the [redacted] that she is only doing this to warn other women about me which proves that it was her motive to destroy my character! The [redacted] was posted on February 12th 2006. Any comments that I had made were made in and after 2010! The motto of the [redacted] is don't let them get away with it. Let the truth be known. That also proves that it was her intention to destroy my character! The comments she posted about me contain nothing that can be proven. According to the Alabama attorney generals office when I called them in August of 2010 stating her comments are criminal.

    I was the one who had to leave the state of Indiana and come back to Alabama to get away from her. The thought never crossed my mind to do such a thing. I wanted to get on with my life. It was her that was harassing me and the [redacted] is the proof! I contacted [redacted] and they told me they don't remove pages from their website so for the rest of my life when someone googles my name they will see the page destroying my character forever! It's amazing how a wife of eleven years (17 total) tells me I am the best thing that ever happened to her yet Julia portrays me as a monster.

    She signed the report as J. Somewhere in Kentucky! If this matter does in fact go to court the [redacted] will be my smoking gun. And she can't hide or erase that! She can't also hide from the fact of the original statement as it is on public record.

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  • Ka
      Mar 24, 2017
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    I received an automated phone call saying Julia Bradley filed a complaint against me. What a Joke? I imagine when she went to see the magistrate or lawyer she didn't tell them Well, I posted defaming comments about my ex husband of a website called [redacted] eleven years ago and now he's posted comments about me and I want to file a complaint! SERIOUSLY?!

    Jeff, google the name WILLIAM RANDOLPH FINLEY and you will see what she did. Now, seriously Jeff. If someone had done this to you how would you feel? THESE COMMENTS CAN NEVER BE DELETED OR TAKEN OFF OF GOOGLE so they are there forever!

    As the years went by the thought NEVER crossed my mind to do such a thing to her. Why would I want to do something like that anyway? Then in August of 2010 I GOOGLED my name and there it was. Portraying me as a HOMOSEXAUL. A WIFE BEATER! A MONSTER! She knows that I am out there somewhere playing on women's sympathies! She's only doing it to warn other women about me. She even tried to down play it by posting a picture of some black guy on the page. I guess that would make other people believe that it was someone else I guess? I sure feel sorry for that guy!

    I have taken up the matter with the ALABAMA ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE and they said her actions were criminal. Now, Jeff. With everything else that is going on because of her do you really want to go down that road? The report was posted on 02/12/2006. Anything that I posted was years after that and the truth will come out. She got what she wanted, but she couldn't leave well enough alone. Do I have any ill feelings towards her? I actually feel sorry for her.

    Perhaps if she could have warned my wife of me? You know? Being the WIFE BEATER, HOMOSEXUAL, and MONSTER that I am? How she's put up with me for seventeen years is beyond me!

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