i am a owner of a red week too, in PINEY SHORES, did you check your newsletter recently"scammer", they increased again the fees to get upgrade on there "broken equipment, cigarrete smoked room, dusty furniture, (all wood and old) appliances are old, they even use the old electric stove top (but dont change the pan that you put underneath, have food still on there. I stayed many times and have to be moved to different room. They do not change the comfortors, have holes in them. WARNING, WHEN YOU GO IF YOU GO, LISTEN TO THEM IF YOU WANT TO GET YOUR FREE GIFTS, then they will try to pursuade you (maybe even throwing in pictures of there family (using rci or traveling) . then when you say no, they will send a manager over to pursuade you some more. It is good to get a timeshare you can trust . but this company can scarely get you into your bonus times. have young people greeting you who dont have good customer service, plays behind counter, even in the cafe when serving food. they close pools sometimes even when it is summer. i can go on and on. but my final warning. there rooms are horrible, customer service bad, will raise maintance on you any time, very harrassing with family and friends. and they lie about there promises. My resort is paid off. and i bought a red deed for 7885. t hank god i done with that. But i get calls ever week asking me to come and "DO AN UPDATE", THERE IS NOTHING I NEED TO COME OUT FOR THAT I CANNOT BE TOLD ON PHONE, I HAVE BEEN TRICKED BEFORE TO COME OUT AND THEY TRIED TO SELL ME ANOTHER SHARE. NO MORE. I DO NOT TRUST THEM AND SO SHOULDN'T U. like one sales person told me. "we are a business in selling, so of course when you come out we will try to present our new resorts we have "presidental, diamond "/ no THANK YOU. I FEEL BAD FOR PEOPLE TRAPPED PAYING THE HIGH INTEREST ON THERE. GOD SPEED AND GOOD LUCK. FILE WITH BBB. AND WITH THE BUTT HEADS WHO LIKE THE RESORT .SELL IT TO YOUR MOTHER, OR ANYONE YOU CARE FOR LIKE U DO TO LOW INCOME . OR STRUGGLING AMERICANS.


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