Jubilee Acadamy / Home School

1 United States

Yes, it is sad but this school is horrid! Our kids were apart of this school since 2005 and opted out in 2009. We did enroll in a Switched on School online which I TOTALLY love and so do they! $100 a month per child and they offer French and Spanish. Fully credited too. I have been out of college since 92 and with little ones in the 3rd and 4th grade, HELLO I don't remember how to explain things and usually they way you learned it is not the way they are teaching things today. I ALWAYS get a hold of a teacher! ALWAYS. They answer questions when I can not explain it myself AND they answer ALL emails usually in the same day but for sure the by the next morning when we log on. My children feel more confident about what they are doing and so do I. No websites that have women in thongs that I have to explain to my poor son after the fact just to name 1 out of too many to list shockers. If you are not sitting there the entire time while they watch 4 or 5 videos in a row about have no idea what they may see! Not to mention I just received tonight a $1900.00 bill in my email box because we haven't paid since the beginning of 2009. Yes, we unenrolled them the first week of 2009 but I guess it wasn't enough that they debited my account double and it took forever for me to speak to a LIVE person that didn't treat me like they were doing me a favor. Oh, true they offered both our children a paid in full year for 2009, but we would rather pay then deal with this kind of stuff and we are not rolling in the dough but have to budget it out like most people. Now I have to contact them to have a paid in full letter sent to me in case they try and attach this to my credit somehow. This is crazy.

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