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JT Foxx Organization / waste of time

1 Alberta, Canada

This comment should have been made about 3 weeks ago while I was fighting with the JT Foxx and his company to get back my money in which I had paid for half of a coaching program which I should have never paid for in the first place. For starters, I never heard of him or what he has about before a co worker of mine suggested going to one of his seminars, so I did some of my own research on him and came across many websites, him promoting himself to be one of the top wealth coaches in the world among many other things. Sounded pretty good. But on the flip side, there were many articles mentioning his unprofessional and overly cocky attitude, how he would treat his current/past employees and the biggest point was finding and reading about a law suit on him sexually harassing a young girl that came to a seminar of his. Interesting. After the first day of being at his seminar and listening to him it became very clear that he was extremely full of himself and in my opinion to one to look up to. Yes, he creates big gatherings with high know celebrities where they mostly speak about their life and their success, but really, there is very very little background on JT and all of his companies which he brags about owning. Why can't this information be found anywhere? The only company that he's spoken about is his tie company. Secondly, the process of which he gets people to sign up for his coaching which he claims to be top in the world(based off what?) is very shady. He basically tears people down while keeping it clear that he is the best at what he does and knows what he's talking about but really he doesn't go into details about ANYTHING! It reminded me of high school bullying. Back to my story- I paid upfront half of what this coaching program was going to cost- I was not given any additional information on JT or the material that I was paying for-my fault- but at the same time- if he is so professional where is his credibility? I changed my mind the next day and asked for the money back, which took well over a month to finally get after going back and fourth several times I finally got it back- but not before having to mention having the police involved if I weren't to see my money. Sketchy. To make matters even worse, a friend of mine friended him on fb which she has mental issues and wanted JT to pay him for sex. She did no harm, she was very clear with him, and I even told him that she had issues and basically JT took it as a huge joke and played her like a game pretending that he was interested in her, talking about money arragements etc. All in All- I dont know this guy-Cant find much background information on him or any of his companies minus his tie one which he spoke about during his seminar- he can not be trusted!!! In my opinion he's extremelly slick, and only cares about himself, making money and appearing to be the best- the "worlds best"

Apr 12, 2013

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