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JT Foxx Organization / j.t. foxx

1 Owings Mills, MD, United States

I went to this event because I'm in the field of entrepreneurialship and J.T. Foxx needs prayer to be honest. He was very disconnected from his audience and probably the most arrogant person I have EVER met in my entire life. I left the show feeling sad to be honest. There was a few worldly pieces of knowledge that may help, but overall, he was able to manipulate people as sly as a Foxx into his buying his stuff and people fell for it!!!

First he walks in and says that the CEO of his company is leaving and doesn't even ask how we're doing or smile. He just looked down most of the time and eventually looked at a few people but disengaged. He tells you not to talk about religion and politics when trying to sell something, although he goes off on tangents about politics for much of the time. The way he manipulates people is actually quite smart but very very sad. Pay attention:

First he tells you his CEO is leaving to get you to feel bad for him and make you think he needs people who are loyal to make you feel important.
Next he will tell you that you can be famous and if you pay $497 you can go to an event with all these famous people. Look at those numbers. Those are two numbers more liked by most people than any other number, 4 and 7. The sales are high pressure and he is very very good at getting you to believe him. I didn't fall for it though.
He really does need us To pray for him. He is lost and arrogant. He would point out people in the audience and tell them what was wrong with them. One lady corrected him and he put her on the spot for ten more minutes and told her that her accent was the reason why she isn't rich. He told her she was an introvert and she said, no she wasn't and he continued to make her feel dumb when she clearly wanted him to stop.
He makes fun of people in the audience in a narcissistic and very unprofessional way. He brings up foreign countries and most of the time will show off his pool and his house and his time with famous people

He is NOt the number one wealth coach in the world. I am by no means a hater, but there is something seriously wrong about this whole thing and I feel so bad for people that this guy hurts. The experience is fun to meet people but DO NOT fall for everything he tells you. Be wise and careful and stand up for what you believe.

I'm not sure how this hasn't been on the news. It's not even about hating on him, it's that you don't treat people like this. It's wrong. It's very wrong. Show love to an audience and don't treat them like crap.

Apr 22, 2018

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