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Jt Advertising / Terrible experience!

1 8280 Nw 27th AveMiami, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 305-468-3810

The other victim reports here have really confirmed my experience with this company as a scam. I was searching the internet for a job and came by this job. I automatically called and scheduled an appointment. They told me that all appointments were held at either 11:00am or 3:00pm so i already knew that i was going to be in an appointment with a group of people.

I get to the office in Doral and enter a very tiny office. There was a small desk where the 'receptionist' was and then she walked me into a room in the back with a few chairs and a desk with a computer. The walls were poorly painted and they had old goal oriented and success posters on the wall. I waiting in the 'waiting room' for around an hour and a half along with 3 other people.

The so called manager then walks into the office on her cell phone complaining about an eviction notice which held the wait for another 10 minutes. This already seemed very unprofessional for an advertising company. As soon as she walks in I notice that she is wearing an old pair of sandals and a shirt that she was about to bust out of.

We then pursue into her office where she starts the interview. She began telling me that they do a lot of events at conventions such as Nascar and the Boat and car shows. I told her i wanted to work full time and wondered how that would be possible if those type of events happen every few months but she told me that they always have events. She then told me she really wanted me for the job and that the pay would be discussed after my evaluation.

Friday morning I came for my evaluation. The day prior she told me to wear a red polo shirt and some flat shoes. Again I sat in the waiting room for about an hour with one other person. They pass me a form stating that i will not be paid for my evaluation. That right there should of been my red flag because that imposes that not too many people stay after the first day.

All the employees were in the back of the building listening to music and chanting really loud. I could hear the manager screaming and trying to get them all rowdy and ready to go. After the hour wait she comes in and pairs me with on of the head trainers. As we are getting ready to leave I tell them that I would prefer to go in my own car and follow them to wherever they were going, but they insist i would ride with them.

So we get in the car and stop at a bank. The whole time in the car the trainer was asking me what i considered good advertising and the reason they do what they do is because regular advertising such as billboards and commercials aren't good enough. Mind you he has yet to tell me what we are doing.

We then drive to a gas station in the south west area. The trainer told me to follow him around and observe what he does. He walked into the gas station and let the employees know that they are there for the 'event'. As soon as I walk out the trainers team member was already setting up the table in the front of the gas station.

The whole afternoon consisted of walking around the gas station to customers pumping gas and letting them know that we are working for FW1 a waterless car wash and wax. They would go up to all the people and introduce themselves and explain to them that they were there to give a free demonstration.

After I heard those words I got really upset. They expect me to stand at a gas station and bother people pumping gas and then they expect me to wipe there windshield, hood and tire to show the product. I refused to even try it. Once he would get a sale he would let the poor customer know that he would take cash or credit. One of the customers wanted to pay credit so they trainer went into the gas station and asked for a paper that transfer the credit card number and information. He then called a number to so call 'confirm' the credit card and he gave all the customers information to whoever was on the other side of the phone.

The customer had to be a fool to fall for this. That is how you get your identity stolen.I then asked the trainer how often do they post at gas stations. He tells me that they do this in between convention center events and that they give them different gas stations to go to. So thats basically saying that, that is what the job is. He then begins to tell me how wonderful his manager is and that she is only 23 years old and that after 3 months he would become a manager and they would give him his own office wherever he wants to be located at.

After hearing all this garbage I asked to be taken back to my car. They were reluctant in taking me and asked to be excused so they can talk amongst themselves. At that point I was ready to snap and luckily they saw it in my face and finally took me back to the office. When we got there I wanted to speak to the manager but no one was in the office and the door's were locked so i just left.

This company is ridiculous, they have you bothering people at a gas station and to top it off they could even be doing identity theft. Who knows who they are really calling to confirm the credit card. Oh and the uniforms that they were wearing the shirts look like nascar polo shirts with a patch ironed on. I saw those shirts at a uniform store on 27th ave. They probably bought the shirts themselves and ironed on the path.

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  • Fw
      2nd of Mar, 2009
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    Posted: 2008-04-28 by Roland (Terrible experience!)

    Hello my name is William with FW1SHINE.COM. Just surfing the Internet concerning FW1 ads and came across your input. FW1 Wash & Wax is an amazing product that does clean and shine cars and more very well. I would be remiss to read your posting and not respond in kind to inform you that FW1SHINE.COM does not have employees or do we perform product demonstrations anywhere (no gas stations). There is no structured distribution so people may purchase in bulk from FW1SHINE.COM and create scams on their own around a well functioning product like FW1. These people whom ever they are do not represent FW1SHINE.COM. We have been delivering FW1 Wash & Wax since 2006 with only 1 return per 1000 orders from our online online customers. We believe our customers think we are reliable and responsible with their online credit card transactions. Please see FW1SHINE.COM “Privacy Statement" online with the website click page. FW1SHINE.COM is an online order processing system without employees. All operations and order fulfillments are completed online and with robotics. Please visit FW1SHINE.COM and read customer written reviews on the FW1 product and the FW1SHINE.COM online order processing sales experiences. Thank you for reading this response our phone number: 310 675-7818 Fax 310 675-9700 and email (FW1SHINE.COM is a no scam website). We can't know non do we have any connections to the unit/outfit that you are so upset with again we have no employees.

    Thank you,


  • Ja
      25th of Sep, 2009
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    I actually worked for J.T. Advertising for a month and have this input. The company, itself, isn't as much of a scam as it seems. They were definitely employing tactics that seemed REALLY shady, but once I stayed there long enough to learn the inner workings, I realized that they weren't after anyone's identity, and they weren't doing anything illegal, it's just run by people who have no real idea about what they're doing. The company is actually a pyramid scheme. You start as an "associate" and make a commision off of what you sell. Your trainer makes a commision off of that, who's manager makes a commision off of that, and ultimately, J. T. (who really does exist. Cool guy, good intentions, he's just bought into the whole thing by the guy ontop of him) makes a commision.
    What the guy from FW1SHINE.COM actually explains a lot of unanswered questions I had about product, but I know for a fact that they actually did advertise for local businesses, as well. Car washes, mom-and-pop mechanic shops who can't afford t.v. ads, etc. I didn't enjoy working there, it was just some quick cash between jobs, but I know enough to know that they weren't scamming anyone. It's just a pyramid scheme on the hunt for people desperate enough for easy money to work for them.

  • Co
      15th of Jun, 2010
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    I recently experienced the "free demonstration" at my local gas station in Northern VA. I came across this thread while researching the FW1 product to see if it really does what was claimed. Although the post by the William of FW1 seems honest and legit, the unfortunate part is that these so called ad. companies are posing that they are representing FW1. They even wore shirts that had FW1 patches on them making them appear as genuine employees of FW1. If FW1 does not want to be associated with this type of practice then they should do something about it. Maybe have a contract signed by the buyer sayin they can not sell in this manner. It does sound like these are some shady business practices.

  • Sa
      5th of Sep, 2010
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    Actually, i disagree with any shady dealings. I have been working with a company for about 2 months now and have experience in a lot of different fields from construction to sales. This is not a shady business at all and is a really good opportunity for anyone who is ambitious.

    The company that I am employed by does not say we are from FW1 or anything of the sort, we do give free demonstrations, and a lot of people buy it. I never thought that it would be so easy to sell wax at a gas station.

    Now for anyone who had a bad experience or made no money, sadly, you need a job, not an opportunity. My future is in my hands, not my bosses.

    As for a pyramid scheme, really??? Have you ever worked a job before? Do you no know that in EVERY company, the boss makes money off of your work. This is sales, we call it commission and bonuses, not salary. Find one job where an employee makes more than the guy above them, also known as their boss. If you really analyze a job, the corporate ladder is a pyramid because each company grows and promotes based on what they produce, once they max out, thats it. The guys on top make all the money and the guys below make less. There is no way to climb up to the top, with us you can.

    I understand this is not for everyone and some people have a twisted view on business, thats cool. I actually went to college for business management so I understand these things a little better than most. I have also owned my own businesses in the past. Not all offices are gonna be great, that depends upon the people. Mine is the number one in the country for a reason. We have our stuff together.

    And bottom line as far the products go. They work guys, its the official wax of the Motor Sports Hall of Fame and sold as some racetracks. And by the way, I was out at a raceway for a week straight. So I dunno what you're talking about. I've also worked and still work at corporate places like Pilot.

    And one last thing. I have been here for around two months, as I stated. I just entered into management training. Bust your tail, it can be that fast. And I know you won't all believe me, I don't care. My futures good. Go work a job.

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