JPMorgan Chase Bankcustomer service

Last month I received a notice that I needed to get the funds off of my card. I was given 3 ways do this, which I choose to have a check sent to me. I called [protected] and talked to a representative that took all of my information and told me he would see to it that I would receive a check of which I had no idea how much was there. This was a card that I applied for with AARP and was suppost to received a $100 gift card if I used the card for more that $500 the first 2 months. Well I charged nearly $1200 on it the first month. I had not received the gift at the time of the call last month which was the reason for my call to customer service. Well now at this time still no gift card or check. What a losey company and service. I have told AARP that they had better be more careful who they support. Please let me know what is going on with my account.

May 15, 2017

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