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Joyent, Inc. / Terrible IT service

1 767 Bridgeway, Ste 201Sausalito, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 415.226.1076

On several occasions, prior to my involvement with them directly, my IT tech complained about their responses to questions asked were limited at best. When I confronted them some time later regarding his complaint, they told me they answered his emails and never heard back from him. They delayed because he apparently hadn't marked it "urgent", they said.

I had no idea what he meant by "limited response at best" until I was forced to get involved because my IT tech gave up on the. We have several of our businesses with their "Core Startup Plan" for email service and web hosting. I informed them of my limited experience and proceeded to ask questions about our accounts which at first I did receive a fairly informative response.

But then I wanted to know how to transfer another one of our businesses their way from another service, explaining it would be helpful to have them all in one place. I was told that the information was in the original paperwork I was emailed when we originally signed up over a year and a half before. I told them I had no idea where that was so they sent me a link that did not answer the question. I told them of my disappointment and the next response I received by their "director of support" was that upon her review of our email correspondence, she decided that their staff did a good job and that I could get a full refund if I wasn't satisfied . I keep getting that same response every time I receive their/her "no help response" to my "urgent" pleas for answers.

Finally, just last week, a gal in a "customer service" department with whom I had written asking if anyone cared that I was so dissatisfied particularly with their "director of supports" responses, did manage to send me some useful information, but I'm all on my own to deciphering it and no response with regard to their lack of useful advice. In addition, if there are any problems with the info she gave me, there's no one to ask and they only have a message phone but no one returns calls - a lose, lose situation...

Recently, I have been getting all sorts of problems with my email, either it randomly sends out old emails, or an "error" message pops up continually all day telling me "it" was on idol too long, or unable to download, or unable to connect and always to contact our server administrative. Another recent example, for the last two weeks, a member of our group said he can see his emails, he just can't access them-only advice on that one given: to make sure we had their address right, which I had said I double checked in my initial request for help. The "send/receive" errors just today began occurring and telling me again to contact the service if it persists. I did, but I don't expect much will come from it...

Almost daily I ask for help and all I received back from their "Director of Support" Linda Derezinski, is useless information or an offer to refund my money if I'm not satisfied! Constantly. I explained that it is too difficult to switch at this time, but she doesn't care at all. I've even tried to complain to another random person on their website, who was the one person that sent me some useful info but I"m left to figure it out for myself. There is a phone number in which no one responds, they just tell you to leave a message and no one calls back. It is absolutely the worse company and I feel so frustrated I could cry!!!

MY ADVICE: Don't be suckered into signing up with JOYENT like our previous IT tech did especially if you are managing email on your own with limited experience or training. Find a company that cares about your business and who has a live human being to speak with that will make experience successful. Support a good company, don't be lulled into thinking cheaper is better because believe me, you'll end up getting what you paid for.


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