JoVi Tronix / repair delay "under warranty"

Cairo, EG

Hi all,

This is to express my anger and disappointment in your entity to a disastrous extent.

I am not getting the expected service, plus I paid for nothing but hassle!

I waited over 2 months to get my faulty handset repaired using a basic borrowed phone. So, is it logical to wait that long?!!

Repair details:

· handset: lenovo k6 note

· color: grey

· case id: 087993

· documents: attached

Story details:

· the phone was bought for 3800 egp from vodafone store may/2017

· all of a sudden, phone didn't respond once restarted 5/9/2017

· I got the original purchase/warranty receipts heading to jovitronix shop in "smouha - alexanderia" 13/9/2017

· they told me that it will be repaired under warranty within 6 weeks maximum

· I was told spare parts are still on the way 15/10/2017

· I passed by jovitronix shop in "smouha - alexanderia" found it closed totally "city legal issue" 25/10/2017

· I called a number left on the shop's door "[protected]" telling me to send them message with my phone details to deliver it to me in couple of days

· I didn't receive it. So, I called the helpline week later and they told me that the spare parts are still on the way asking me to follow up in a week 5/11/2017

· I called the helpline week again and again they told me that the spare parts are still on the way asking me to follow up in a week 13/11/2017 & 22/11/2017

· I hear same answers with no action till now getting really bored and disgusted!!

Required action:

O immediate call from jovitronix team to clarify when/how I will receive my fully repaired phone


O asap handset exchange "as long as spare parts are not available"



JoVi Tronix
JoVi Tronix

Nov 26, 2017

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