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Joswen Dresses / Bad quality

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I have nothing positive to say about this company. Probably, it's just another Chinese website trading as an Australian company. Not sure though. Just judging by clothes quality.
First of all, I ordered a dress in the blue color. My order confirmation clearly states that. How was possible to make a mistake? I received a long green dress, it wasn't even close to what I ordered. Even though I received a different dress, I wanted to check its quality. Thin material, cheap, not wearable ugh...
Contacted them and found out all the details for shipping this crap back.

Dec 28, 2017
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  • Di
      6th of Mar, 2018
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    You get what you pay for and much less, here is my experience.

    I was very impressed when I read the positive reviews of this company. I was intrigued by the logo 'Proudly Australian Owned' and somehow it gave me an extra sense of security. I was impressed with the fact that it was possible to communicate with an actual person via email before purchasing anything. So I ordered my wedding dress through them, had it custom made and even slightly redesigned, nothing seemed impossible.
    I was in contact with a seamstress for another dress that I was having altered and she measured me so I used her measurements to buy the dress, this is why I'm positive the measurements were correct.
    The dress came, but it didn't fit at all, the measurements did not appear to have been followed the dress was too big and in places too small (the sleeves). The buttons at the back were bright white instead of ivory white like the rest of the dress. I contacted the Joswen customer service and asked for a part refund, because custom made and redesign were a little extra money and wanted that bit back. I was confident a local seamstress could put it right. Joswen, up until this point were very good and immediately gave me that extra money back with an apology. So I felt reassured that in case of further problems I'd purchased from the right company.
    The dress arrived just before Christmas and I couldn't get anyone to see me until the beginning of January. I consulted 4 seamstresses and they all said that more or less they had to remake the dress. The cost was going to be triple of what I had paid for it and the other predicament was finding the same exact fabric colour, the seamstresses appeared unsure, 'm not sure why it's impossible to find the same exact colour, but I couldn't source it locally. Although the dress was too big they wouldn't have been able to use the extra material because they would have been small trimmings.
    This is when I decided to return the dress and ask for a full refund and start again locally. This is when things started going wrong with Joswen.
    They insisted they had quality control pictures that the dress met my requirements (because a dress that doesn't fit me is exactly what I require!?). They said to sell the dress myself to make up for the money I needed to buy another dress. I was outraged by this response from Echo the customer service person I was dealing with from the beginning. I too, had pictures that proved the dress didn't fit and I suggested Echo to review their Quality control if this was the end result.
    I exchanged a few emails with Echo who in the end sent me instructions on how to return the dress and that they would do a full refund, but still insisting they had met my requirements.
    I sent the dress back to China from UK and was expecting a full refund. I wasn't sure what they were going to do about the postage expenses, but I was going to ask them to cover for that because it was not my mistake. A week later I found that I received only a part refund and when I questioned it, Echo said that they retain 30% restock fee. This was in the terms and conditions she had sent me, however it was clear to me that it would only be applied to a non-faulty item and from my point of view, my end product was faulty.
    I wasn't happy with this so Echo eventually escalated to a presumed supervisor called Alex, with whom I've been exchanging a trail of emails back and forth for at least 3 weeks. Alex is adamant that they followed my instructions and actually I've come to a point now that I believe her, she sent me photos with the tape measurer near the dress and I'll check them later. So let's presume they are right in saying they followed the measurements: if my seamstress didn't make a mistake and if they didn't make a mistake, there is only one explanation for the end result: the claim that they can make a made to measure dress from a distance it's a false one. Given this experience it not possible for everybody to have a made to measure dress from a distance. To me it makes this claim fake and creates false expectations. Alex is not willing to admit this in fact, to add to injury Alex antagonising ways made the matter worse for me. Alex wrote in one of her emails 'once you see for yourself the measurements meet the requirements, being a reasonable and rational person, you'll see clearly that the fault doesn't start from here'. In the course of our email exchanges she said I had had to take accountability for the end result, that when I write my negative reviews I should add their photos and my measurements to the reviews. Alex said that Joswen was being so gracious to give me the refund yet they were not at fault. Now why would they even consider to process any refunds at all if they did nothing wrong? They are not a charity and I am not a charity case. Alex was antagonising throughout the process, she never addressed my numerous requests to speak directly with the presumed Australian owners or any other manager. I was stuck with her and Echo to try and make them see my point of view. I was angry at first and it reflected in my emails, but then I calmed down and I even tried to let Alex see how her emails were antagonising, but she put it down to my interpretation and took no responsibility for how she chose to put her point across to me.
    Bottom line Alex insists that I am accountable and I'm not getting my full refund. A full refund to which Echo had agreed at first. So now I'm out of pocket and I should be grateful according to Alex.

  • An
      2nd of May, 2018
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    @Disappointed Custmr Yep, I have been down this path in the last month and am getting no-where.
    I bought a red dress which arrived with no tags on it anywhere, interesting I thought to myself, as all the paperwork clearly states that all returns must have all tags attached. But that isn't the issue.
    The dress had the bust area placed way too high on the torso to be worn by a normal person. Even with a push up bra it was impossible to get any boobs near the empty cup area sewn into the dress.
    I immediately emailed Joswen and all they can do is focus on the fact that the returned dress fits their office girl and was made to measurements I supplied. I can' seem to get through to them that the measurements are not the problem, it is the placement of the bust on the torso of the dress.
    I am currently trying to get a refund through Pay Pal.
    I would never buy anything from Joswen again. I don't believe all the good reviews out there, most of them must be fake.

  • Sa
      8th of Oct, 2018
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    We recently purchased 15 Dresses from Joswen for a a wedding Party, Wedding Dress, Mother of the bride for my side and also for my hubbies along with the bridesmaids and flower girls.

    Whilst you guys seemed to have had issues, we all checked very very carefully our measurements as you do when buying online. Everything was NEAR perfect apart from 1 girls dress was a tad too long and they took care of that for us as their pics did show it was around 3cm too long so they paid for us to fix it locally.

    I love researching companies and reading peoples experiences and it's funny to see when someone has a dummy spit over a product that is made for them based on info provided by yourselves.

    If we can get 15 dresses made exceptionally well and so can thousands of positive reviews from other ladies, but you've not been able to get 1 done, the problem I suggest ladies is most likely staring back at you in the mirror.

    I've been in retail and customer service for years, I know a blame shift dummy spit when I see one. From whinging about location to service to ohhhh I couldn't get anyone to see me or the return policy isn't there. It's in Plain English for us all to read, these kinds of ridiculous whinge comments infuriate me.

    For anyone wanting to try this store, I'd highly recommend them. DO measure carefully, but that is a given and common sense these days.
    I know this is a complaint board but the complaints should be valid. I hope someone from their shop sees this, not all customers are this narky!

  • An
      13th of Nov, 2018
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    Sam, I don't think any of the posts above are "dummy spits".
    What a stupid thing to say that "complaints should be valid".
    When 1 customer gets the wrong colour, another gets the run around because the measurements supplied were not used on the dress received, and then my own case where the bust area was placed ridiculously high on the torso of the dress ( nothing to do with measurements ) . You wouldn't expect a dress to have the bust area up under the armpits would you?

    That's great that somehow you actually got 15 dresses with no problems. Good for you. If they had stuffed it up then it would have been a very expensive exercise and you to may have had to have a "dummy spit".

    Only through extreme perseverence did I eventually manage to get a full refund through PayPal. It took months of constant emails and pointing out the facts which everyone wanted to ignore. Facts are not what Joswen Dresses likes to focus on. Joswen focus on keeping your money and fobbing you off. They are good at it, so be warned.

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