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Joshua Lindsay


Scam Artist

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Capital Business Solutions
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Six Figure Consulting
13th of Jun, 2009 by jhror 0 Votes
How many of your clients are happy? How many of them do you think feel like Mitzi? You are a thief with a fancy car and a family that has no idea that you are stealing money from hard working people (allbeit extremely naive and gullible people). You are preying on them with your "fallen off the wagon returned missionary sales team". You know it.
Your time is coming Josh because people are going to start figuring out the trail of theft and deception that you and your Thrive buddies/Summit/GoogleTreasureChest are going down.
Do you not think that somehow and someday you are going to be busted for having your sales team tell people that they are calling from "Google"?
How can you sleep at night asking your sales team to ask the people on the other end of the phone how much money they have in their 401k so that they can pay down a CC so that you can max it out?
What goes around comes around and you are not always going to be able to manipulate and scam your way out of it. You may think you are above the Golden Rule...
No one is.

Stop taking money from people. Sell your stupid $75k BMW with the Utah License Plate, JCL
Just stop and think about the pain that you cause people. The sleepless nights thinking about how stupid they were to sign up with your company and to give one of your stooges their credit card information. How stupid it was to fall for the "we have a very selective process and only a small number of people are accepted into our program and that will be for my senior director to decide".
These people are just people Josh. Everyone can get sucked into thinking that the "Sham Wow" is a good thing to do.

Do the right thing. Stop what you are doing before your family realizes this. You know that your new baby will have zero respect for you once they realize who you really are or what you really did to buy that new car or to take those trips. Does your wife even know? This is most likely how Bernie Madoff started.

Stop it!
30th of Jul, 2009 by jlindsay22 0 Votes
t's never a good feeling to read a review on your character, when the person posting the review does not even know you. First and for most our company info is and always has been posted on our website at www.6figureconsulting.com Second WE ARE NOT ASSOCIATED WITH GOOGLE TREASURECHEST, AND THIRD WE DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THRIVE LEARNING INSTITUTE.

It is true that we hire and train business consultants here in SLC. Whether they are 25 and fresh out of college or 53 and former business managers we do not discriminate to who we bring on board, and all have become assets to helping our clients succeed. As far as sales...YES we sell business products and services which include, Websites, products to sell, software tools to eliminate error, videos to demonstrate integration, and experts that are there 14 hrs a day to help clients overcome obstacles. YES THIS IS A BUSINESS FOR US? The good news is we have a 74 % success rate with our students who purchase our products. Success is different for everyone...Some of our students make $400 a month selling radio helicopters, others $7500 a month selling bean bags, and our most successful students market 3-4 websites, sell 100's of products and make SIX FIGURES A YEAR?
Do we provide a guarantee...YES! We guarantee results as well as your satisfaction, and if you are not satisfied we will work with you at our cost, until you are completely satisfied.

Will everyone be successful...NO! But just like college you are not guaranteed you will succeed in life, or guaranteed an income, YOU ARE GUARANTEED A SOLID EDUCATION!!!

As to the point of questioning my character and integrity of being involved in scams? I am severely hurt by these comments and resent the person who has the audacity to claim such fraud!
I am a good person, a good husband and father. I frequently donate to charity, participate heavily in my community. I was a national seminar speaker for 2 years promoting self help material to change peoples lives. I am of christian faith, and know I will be with my family forever after this life. I have never done drugs and never tasted alcohol and am proud of my self discipline that i have maintained since my athletic career. I was an all star athlete and for went full ride football scholarships to serve my church for two years in France.
Every day I focus on becoming a better person both personally and in business, so if you want to attack me atleast have the decency to pick up the phone or come into my office and we can chat about your complaints, but don't post information online that can never be removed (due to freedom of speech) and call it legit.

Be a man or a woman and waddle your fat ### on down here and we can discuss the facts, as far as the rest of the consumers go. Please feel free to contact me direct below...

4760s Highland Drive #222
SLC UT 84117
801-944-0838 xt #203
31st of Jul, 2009 by jhror 0 Votes
Josh, if you are not associated with Thrive then why is it that www.thriveli.com is on your own website?? You should probably just stop the crap and start working legitimately. You are stealing money from people not to mention the credit card companies after they handle the charge back. Your days are definitely numbered considering the 13 complaints filed against your company with the BBB.
What is there to say to your face? You would just deny it. How many people have demanded refunds from your company?
Even if you refund the money for the people that demand it - how many people do you take money from that are dissatisfied that have to demand it?
Would YOU pay for the services you provide? It's like the Congressmen that expect us to have Healthcare that they themselves wouldn't want!
You have been associated with scams for the past 3+ years. This business too will be known as a scam and hopefully there will be some criminal charges coming your way that you won't be able to run from. Why are there so many dishonest businessmen in Utah? It's disgusting to think that these are the same men that are showing up at Church on Sunday like they are honest decent people.
It is a shame and you should stop it.
31st of Jul, 2009 by jhror 0 Votes
You also say that if people are not satisfied that you will work them at your cost until they are. Why not refund the money you took from them as they ask you to? But no, you won't do that until they relentlessly call and call and call and call and threaten to go to the BBB.
It is just plain dishonest. How about you post some websites of your truly successful clients? Because from an outsiders perspective there are quite a lot more of your clients that are ticked off and think you are a scam artist than there are satisfied clients. How do you explain that?
31st of Jul, 2009 by jhror 0 Votes

This information came directly from
http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1- 801-944-0838

Comments about 8019440838 number:
Rating: 0 Faith - 13 Mar 2009
Continuously calls and leaves no message.
Rating: 0 John - 7 Jul 2009
I have the same problem even though I am on the no call list
Rating: 0 didi - 6 Apr 2009
I just received a call from 801-944-0838 and pretended I wasn't home. I researched this number and the company is called: Six figure consulting. here is their website: http://6figureconsulting.com/contact
Caller: Six Figure Consulting
Rating: 0 Dave - 14 Apr 2009
I just called them back and left a message to stop calling me! Same as above, continuous calls - no messages and no response when answered.
Rating: 0 Jennifer - 8 Apr 2009
They just called me. I signed up about making money from google and they are consultants.
Rating: +1 Ben - 15 May 2009
It's Six Figure Consulting AKA Joshmadecash, the google cash scam. Look up this same number on all the "who called me" sites.
Caller ID: Six Figure Cons
Caller: Six Figure Consulting
Rating: 0 ariel - 22 May 2009
they keep call my house at all hours of the night
Caller ID: 6 figure cons
Rating: 0 DanO - 23 May 2009
Everyone needs to register their number on the Do Not Call list with the FTC. Then report these companies for calling you here: https://complaints.donotcall.gov/complaint/complaintcheck.aspx
Caller ID: 801-944-0838
Caller Type: Telemarketer
Rating: 0 Sam - 4 Jun 2009
Scam, scam, scam from phone #801-944-0838 and cell # 801-931-3705 his name is ERIC and he act like a Google business advicer. Please do not give your personal information at all. Its another BIG SCAM.
Caller ID: 801-944-0838
Rating: 0 anita - 5 Jun 2009
calls at all hours and leaves no message, just static.
Caller ID: 8019440838
Rating: 0 Julie - 5 Jun 2009
I am in Canada and they just called twice in a row. I have call display so did not answer. I had signed up for the google information and reading the comments above I guess I will not answer either!
Rating: 0 Julie - 5 Jun 2009
forgot to put phone number called from same as everyone else 801-944-0838
Rating: 0 Laurie - 16 Jun 2009
I stupidly signed up for the google scheme. Cancelled yesterday, but so far 2 calls today and no messages.
Caller ID: 801-944-0838
Rating: +1 Wally - 7 Jul 2009
They continuously call, claiming to be from google, they are not from google, I know this for 2 reasons, 1 801 area code is based in Utah and google's headquarters Googleplex is based in California. This is nothing but a scam, I am not even sure how they got my cellular number. I threatened to calll my attorney and the FTC. I hope they don't call again. They call 5 or 6 times aweek, maybe I should send them a bill for the minutes they wasted on my number.
Caller ID: 801-944-0838

Follow the link above...
Six Figure Consulting is a SCAM! They have pages of "leads" in boxes by their cubicles. They have a whiteboard that shows how much money (in thousands) that each rep gets people to put on their credit card. I have heard them justifying the BBB reports to people.
They know they are a scam and I hope that this time the BBB and the Utah Attorney General does something to Josh Lindsay before he can do this again under a different company name.
2nd of Aug, 2009 by josh Lindsay 0 Votes
To set the record straight Six Figure consulting called the police and filed a criminal theft report on Zonder / Bob Barnes aka (JHROR). He has stolen client files from our office and is being investigated, We have also filed a civil lawsuit against BOB BARNES personally as he posted the comments from his home in orem as we know have his confirmed IP address.
Just to clarify BOB we are a sales company, in fact we are rather small considering the billion dollar industry that our industry comprises. We are licensed with the state, and they revie all of our telemarketing scripts before we are allowed to operate. As far as the leads go no those are not ours, we take the clients from a $120 million dollar company that they can not handle and we sell they them their products,
So if you are trying to make me feel insugnificant that I simply manage a sales firm...Well you are correct? All we do is sell and we post our sales on the board for enthusiasm, just like car sales, retail boards, car washes etc...
As far as the number above are concerned, Yes we call people thats why we have a telemarketing license? If someone is on a do not call list and they buy materials from a company, did you know that you have 30 days to call that client as they are no an existing customer?

And to handel crediblty...did you know we have an office in DC.
Lobbyists that promote our industry with senate and congress approval? Did you know that Six Figure and myself already have a relationship with the state/ and AG personally? We met every quarter as a committee to go over issues as an industry? So your crusade to unveil the mystery company is worthless?

As I sit here wondering why BOB BARNES CEO OF ZONDER would post these comments, I draw a blank. But Bob i hope you tell your wife and kids about what you are doing online, tell your bishop and stake president, call mike connolly at V-Spring because when your lawsuit comes, and your on the chop block they need to know where this came from, I dont want them to be confused by the letters they will be recieving from me?
3rd of Aug, 2009 by jhror 0 Votes
All you do is sales? I thought that you coached and mentored people; at least consulted with them. I doubt that the state has approved the part of the script where you tell people that you are calling from Google. I have personally heard your sales people guarantee that the people that pay you different amounts for the same service depending on how much credit they have available will make $7k their first month. I doubt that that is in alignment with the laws that apply to telephone sales or mentoring. Maybe I should check that out later tonight when I get home.
Bob Barnes has nothing to do with this. The fact that you say you have confirmed HIS IP address is laughable, honestly funny. I am not Bob Barnes which means that you are lying that you have an IP address that belongs to him. Bob has better things to do with his time; like running an honest business.
I, on the other hand, can't stand people like you and I choose to spend some personal time trying to warn people not to get involved with your company. It makes me so sad to think of the people that lie awake at night feeling so horrible for trusting your SALES team and wondering how they were going to find the time or the energy to fight everyone to get their money back.
Lawsuit? Really? For what? For telling the people that post on here that they are not alone and that there are other people out there that have been scammed by you, and that they should contact the authorities to see if they can help out?
You mention that you have a relationship with the AG here in Utah. I believe in Mark Shurtleff's character and I do not believe that he is aware of the things that your salesmen say on the phone. I would imagine that this will come up in the Discovery when you sue me. It isn't impressive to me that you have your own Lobbyists. I work for a living.
3rd of Aug, 2009 by 4rizzlle22 0 Votes
Lawsuit is for defamation and interference, you wouldnt understand as you dont run a business? As far as the google products and client leads you refer to we stopped working with those offers in february. It doesnt matter we recieved an offer for an aquisition and will be selling by the end of year. Too bad for you guys that you got evicted because you cant afford the rent? hilarious!!!
Well with your posts you claim to be such an honest person, that i couldnt possbly sue because my lawsuit is bogus, so my question is " What do you have to lose by being a man and saying it to my face" You know me and where my office is obviously, but you avoid me? And you will probably give some weak excuse that you wouldnt be caught dead talking to me, or its a waste of time. C'mon put your character on the table, atleast say it to my face. STOP HIDING BEHIND THIS COMPUTER IT ONLY SHOWS YOUR WEAK? I AM READY AND WAITING? most likely you will jsut reply wih another girly response...oh well thats on you.
20th of Nov, 2009 by jhror 0 Votes
Of course I would give you a girly response. I am a girl and that is partly why I couldn't just sit back and watch the things that I was watching without trying to warn people. You hurt people Josh and you stole from them in order to buy new things and pretend to be legitimate. I haven't defamed your character - you did that yourself by stealing from people. I also didn't interfere; I just posted my thoughts on what you were doing in an attempt to get unsuspecting people to do some due diligence before they gave your their CC numbers. I am typically skeptical and yet when I heard your salesman and the things that they said even I would have felt like there is nothing to lose - your guys were really slick.
Here is a link to the Utah BBB - looks like they finally took your telemarketing license away; hopefully they will go after Thrive next.


It would be nice if you would sell all your fancy clothes and your fancy car and give people their money back.
6th of Jan, 2010 by plasmix1 0 Votes
Is there a way to get my money back?

The number I called was disconnected, the 6 Figure website is shut down, and I heard this company went bankrupt and refunded over half a million. But you had to contact them directly for a refund.

Hmmm... No phone. No website. So how the hell am I supposed to contact them?

We'll see what IC3 and the FTC have to say about this.

21st of Jan, 2010 by Amelia Lutkus 0 Votes
The BBB is now reporting on their website Six Figure Consulting Corporation went out of business. So, I'd like to know how the rest of us who were scammed by Six Figure Consulting Corporation are ever going to get our money back. I wrote to the company back in October asking for my money back, only to get a threatening letter from Josh Lindsay, stating that I was going to be sued because I tried to get my money back I had initially put on credit cards. They also told me my contract could never be canceled, despite after telling them over the phone 4 times asking for my money back, and a previous letter stating that I had canceled my contract. This company was also continuously giving out my phone number to companies without my permission, and never explained their cancellation process over the phone. They tried to convince me that they had explained it by sending me a wav file of my conversation with one of their representatives, which had clearly been edited on their end. I listened to it twice. Not once was there an explanation. I should have gone with my gut feeling, and knew it was a scam from the very beginning. Shame on me, but even a bigger shame to all the people who worked for Six Figure Consulting Corporation, and helped them take advantage of people struggling to pay bills, and put food on the table in this economy!
2nd of Nov, 2010 by jbuggy 0 Votes
If you have not received a refund from these guys its because they closed one company and opened a new one. They are making money and have money to refund, but you have to complain to state officials and federal officers. Here is how I got my refund.

Nicholas Johnson & Jeff Nielson are former owners of 6 figure as shown at the BBB.


Now they are operating under a different name Online Success INC. They are not registered with the state or BBB to avoid people finding them. But there address is listed as 7440s Creek Road Place, Sandy UT 84093

I complained to the Utah Consumer Protection Agency & the FTC. According to the FTC this company is already under investigation Case # 27851383.

If you complain to those agencies about this being the same owners and the same company you will surely get your refund fast. It took me 14 days and I purchased 12 months ago!

Hope this helps...
12th of Nov, 2010 by JudyDowness 0 Votes
6 figure consulting or which ever name they go by now does not do business in Utah any longer, in fact they are not even located in Utah anymore. They have actually moved offices to Nevada to avoid all future issues. If you want a refund contact the Nevada Consumer Protection and they will issue refunds to clients who purchases from 2009-2010 as long as you have proof of purchase of some sort.
22nd of Nov, 2010 by jhror 0 Votes
Josh Lindsay has a profile on LinkedIn - stating that he worked for a bogus company before JCL (Venture Capital)?! Hilarious to me, not so funny to the people that gave him that capital by giving him money from their cc's. The guy is such a crook and it's so sad that he can just roll up shop and start anew. Sick - and to think that he tells people he graduated from Cornell? And is a member of LDS Business Professionals or something like that?! He lives in SLC - why can't law enforcement indict him for theft?
Sick person - sick. How do people live with themselves. I am so sorry for all the people that he has hurt. I would listen to his employees scam people and there wasn't anything I could do about it other than to post things on boards. It's just so sad.
9th of Dec, 2010 by forestw 0 Votes
Josh lindsay works for me now, and he has started a new, and he gave law enforcement the details to bring a case against the two current owners, who are still scamming people by choice, both have been to prison, josh never. By the way I have seen his Executive leadership course completion certificate from cornell, if you look closely at his profile on linkdn he states it was an online course specifically designed for working professionals? Is he not allowed to be proud of this 3 month course? As far as the LDS thing i assume you are member based on your comment, if someone repents, closes shop, and chooses a different course isn't there forgiveness in your religion? As far as your former business ZONDER, you closed shop as well, there are complaints on BOB Barnes and his wife Janet Barnes, People need to move on, the guy refunded over $300, 000 and went BK, what else do you want? Any one that follows complaints for years will continue to reap that in there own life, josh has moved on as is trying to rebuild the right way so let him. I will continue to help he an support him as thats what we all should do when someone falls is help them regain self.
Shame on you for not even being affected in this but choosing to slander him as if it is your right to tear people down?
9th of Apr, 2012 by BoydT 0 Votes
Does anyone know if this is the same Josh Lindsay now working for Capital Business Solutions?
9th of Apr, 2012 by Forest w 0 Votes
Josh Lindsay works for me now as a medical sales rep, and had for almost 2 years now. Please see my post above.
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N  8th of Oct, 2012 by    -1 Votes
Huh sounds like your full of ###!!! Just one of my Certificates from Cornell is attached Below, because it would let me attach the other 5, let me know if ou want to speak to a few of my professors as i still converse with them regularly on deals and about companies. And YES! Im coming for you Harrison Mitchell, You are trying to stiff me out of $150, 000 and intimidate me with your lawyer and his weak arguments that have nothing to do with the contract you signed. You keep talking ### PeeWee, You have no idea what Im building behind the scenes with the Attorney Generals Office, The State Tax commission, IRS, and the Financial Crimes Division. Because you post false ### about me online, i'm angry and I'm not going to stop until you pay me. I have Sworn statements signed by buyers saying that you tried to deals with them with out me, cutting me out. I have a signed affidavit from Jim Miceli and phone records that you contacted multiple times and asked to do a deal with out me at $850k, oh and yea that guy recorded your conversation.
You have know idea whats coming to you and what i have / Your the scammer Harrison and i am going to get what you owe me.
N  7th of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
H. Mitchell and his company GroupVille, Inc. and Joshua Lindsey and his company Capital Business Solutions have been involved in a legal dispute. That dispute has now been resolved on mutually agreeable terms.
N  24th of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
I wanted to write this quick post to say that I am sorry for the things I wrote and accused Joshua Lindsey of being. When I wrote this post I was frustrated with him because he was suing me for alot of money. He had brought me an offer of $1.5 million to purchase my company, I turned it down but did not realize that Josh and his company were entitled their fees if they brought a full price cash offer. Josh early on offered me the option to just cover his costs he had incurred, because he respected that I was not ready to sell yet. I should have taken him up on that offer, as it would have been much cheaper. After 8 months of litigation and expensive attorneys we settled and shook hands, but because these internet posts last forever I thought I had better give light so that Josh isn't seen in a false light because of my frustration.

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