Josephine / did not give me correct receipts and bad service

1 Palo Alto, CA, United States

Date of Purchase: 9/30/2017
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I did a purchase at Costco 9:24 AM this morning and completed my purchase around 10: 00 AM. I was the first customer with that cashier and the receipt was not printed out clearly, actually it was almost blank. The cashier sent me to a staff (David L. according to the receipt) to help me reprint my receipt.

Mr. L brought me to the employee office and I waited outside. I waited around 2-3 minutes or so and he came out with a printout which only listed 80% of my purchase and told me the printer was paper jammed. He told me I could bring this print out and showed the staff at exit. I told him I would like to have a full list of my purchase and if he can not print out I suggested he could void my purchase and rescanned them. Then he went back to office and let me wait another 2-3 minutes. Then he brought me to the exit door where there was cashier machine. However, when we went there, there was another female staff was helping another customer and she ran into some issues. Mr. L tried to help her and let me wait there. After waiting for another 2-3 minutes. I reminded him that I was waiting. He replied that that customer was in front of me. Both of the employee gave me angry face and the female staff spoke loudly that they were trying to help customers. I told him I had a special needs child with Autism, he was home alone and I had to get home as soon as possible. That was why I came shopping so early. I asked Mr. L if he could use other cashier machine since it was morning and there were a lot of machines available. He suggested I used that partial printout and leave. I told him I would like to have the full list of my purchase still.

Finally, he was able to scan all of the items that I purchased for refund but it turned out the total refund amount was inconsistent with the amount listed on the purchase receipt. He asked me twice if I did other purchase and I told him all of the items I purchased were in that shopping cart. I asked him how much difference and he told me it was $9.99 so I told him check the items which were $9.99 and it turned out the apple was double charged. I also asked for returning the ice cream which may be melted. He did print out the new receipt for me but he did not give me the receipt of refund.

After I load my purchase in my car I found out I forgot my shopping bag so I returned to store and got it back. I felt I needed to report this incident so I went to the customer service counter and asked for manger. The staff said she was so I told her the whole incident then she told me she needed to get some one. She went to the office and brought a staff who had no name tag on his shirt nor introducing himself. He asked me what happened and I repeated the whole incident again. "I'm sorry for your ...(bra and bra)", he said. I told him I felt I was talking to a machine. I asked why Mr. L couldn't use another machine and he said 2 machines got broken this morning. Actually, the machine that Mr. L used eventually was not the machine of that female staff used, he was trying to help her and both got stuck. The manager said the female staff was training. Mr. L should treat me better.

1. I would like to make sure if they did refund my first purchase which amount was $220.45.
2. I would like to know how the manager handle my complaint. Was he really a manager? Did he file my complaint?


Sep 30, 2017

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