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Received Call from Steve Laramore from Joseph and Stephens Associates stating I am being sued for $2, 405.19 for a Bank of America debt from Radio Shack, but refused to provide details regarding date of debt or any information to assist me in determining if there is identify theft related to the debt. He further demanded that I appear in court at Derkson Federal Building in Chicago, IL for a hearing regarding the matter.


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      Oct 10, 2009

    THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!! STAY AWAY! They will steal money from you for bogus lawsuits and collect from customers without disclosing to you they collected!! This scam is doing business under many names and there is a licensed CA attorney behind it, Randy Chang license # 237618, dba commercial investigations, dba forensicforwarder, dba forensic case management, dba rumson, bolling & associates, dba joseph, steven & associates. If you have been scammed too file a complaint with the CA state bar and the ftc! at! They do not have a valid corporation to even do business in CA, it's been suspended and the wont disclose a physical address. The address on their websites is a ups/ fed-ex mail drop box. They have over 300 complaints combined with the Better Business Bureau and a F rating. This company breaks the law daily, steals money, and tries to apply intimidation tactics to anyone who asks for their money back and threathens to go to the authorities. There are dozens of lawsuits against them throughout the US. Contact the ftc, CA state bar association, the Ventura and Los Angeles County District Attorneys office. Lets shut them down! If you are a victim email me [protected] I am collecting info from victims in hopes of a class action lawsuit and to add to my complaint with the ftc

    UPDATE 10/10/2009- David Hynes of Rumson, Bolling & Associates does not like me posting the truth about them on the internet so they have filed a FALSE POLICE REPORT against me stating I called them and said I was going to "hunt them down and kill them" and they had a dumpster fire and insinuated it was me. They have filed a temporary restraining order against me filed by a CA attorney stats bar #183017 who's phone number is a fax and has an invalid email address. They don't like the fact I am posting my email address Brian and being contacted by other victims. They don't like the fact I am getting more information on them daily for my complaints. http://www.venturacoun...

    After all my reviews they have FINALLY been contacting me, and will refund MY $850, which is PART of what I wanted for the bogus lawsuits they never filed but want me to sign a gag order/ release. I wanted them to disclose who else they collected from along with sending me those funds and charging me the 18% we agreed on when I was charged up to 50% on some accounts and told by 'maryann" they would "take care of it on the next check", which never happened. At this point they are now going to pay me for slandering my name and defaming my character. I will continue posting updates as they occur here: http://[redacted].co...


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      Dec 06, 2009

    Rumson, Bolling & Associates are the ### of the earth!
    I have read more bad things about these people and have experience insluting remarks from several individules
    that call themselves employees.
    They have called my home and insulted my family with bogus claims I owe 10, 000 dollars in back child support!
    None of this is true and my return letters to this company are ignored. They don't follow any laws and requirements to operate in any state.
    A recent news article in Ventura CountyStar reports that they have hundreds of complaints around the country.
    The have several names they use to scam people with.
    My name is mentioned in the article because I was interviewed about this scam company!
    I am now spending my time collecting info on these people and will take further action to stop this insanity!
    I now have a burning desire to put an end to this company and their owners! It's not a threat it's a promise!

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