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Dec.6 2014 i went to court for a child support hearing, because i have had my 3 kids sense june2013, the the of Dec.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Fort Myers, FL6 I was granted to be place off child support, which I was on for 11 years and paid every dime, the states attorney Mr Fairchild informed me I was on arrears and that in 3 weeks I would be off officially, I waited 4 weeks and call treasury offset program before filling and it informed me I had no current or past do offsets, so I taught that every thing was fixed, please tell me why on January 6, 2015 child support submit to the irs a garnishment deduction for 818 dollars for no cause, when I went down the there office on Winkler ave in fort Myers, fl the look in there system and seen the Judge granted my order, put tells. Me because of fraud the took it!!, that's and issue with me and the irs because I'm not on child support!!!, the that's was alie because they took my last two refunds I'm the same JOSEPH CHURCH, the fl department of revenue is earning alot of $ if the rufund money the fraudulently take from Floridians my case number im ref. to is 02-0011390ca

Jan 29, 2015

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