Jose Klahr LLC / fpl preparation for hurricanes

1 Miami, FL, United States

Since you are a monopoly you do not take measurements and spend money preventing what just occurred. This was a very lucky Hurricane for us, as did basically nothing, but it exposed how weak we are in the power area due to having just one choice and a weak choice. You stop checking the poles and cutting trees obstructing the lines, and you wait until a Hurricane hits so FEMA and the Federal Government give you the funds to repair. You have NOT created smart grids or take any precaution to prepare for the storms. You failed us in Andrew, failed us in Vilma and now with IRMA.
If there were power alternatives many of switch would not be your clients. We are forced with just one choice and the choice is not as good as should be and I hope our regulators listen and break the monopoly you have on us.

Sep 15, 2017

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