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I needed flash pages so I paid $300 in advance to JOSE COTTO of COTTO CONCEPTS WWW.COTTOCONCEPTS.COM. The pages he made were GARBAGE!!!

He said he would fix them for $200 more IN ADVANCE, I paid it and now he wont anwser my mails!!!

PAYPAL wont refund $$$$, COTTO ripped me off!!


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      Jun 29, 2009


    There is a definite misunderstanding here for a number of basic policy facts my company follows:

    1. We never take full cost for projects upfront, only 20% is ever paid prior to resources being committed to a project. After which, we only bill for work that is approved by our clients.

    2. We never kick-off a project without full understanding of the clients requirements and an agreed upon NTE (Not To Exceed) cost for those requirements. Any additional billings would only come as a result of out of scope requests. The only exception to this is in the case were we are utilizing third party API's such as Facebook or OpenSocial (e.g. MySpace) which change mid-project. Any additional resources required to deal with a change in third party platform may be billed additional. These additional billings, however, would only come after the work is approved.

    3. Finally, all our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

    If you have been dealing with an individual that has been operating outside the policies I outlined above and has been representing themselves as Cotto Concepts, LLC or as Jose Cotto, managing partner and lead developer of Cotto Concepts, LLC - plesae let me know so we may take the appropriate legal actions.

    Thank you.

    All the best,

    Jose Cotto
    Managing Partner & Lead Developer
    Cotto Concept, LLC
    888.310.0592 ext. 704

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