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Jordans Floorcoverings / Do not use them

1 United States

We have been left with a half done job with new flooring that was supposed to be professionally installed by Jordans
Floorcoverings here in Edmonton. Our home has everything off of our main living space, with half of the floor covered in mud prep for flooring that isn't there and the kitchen area left with flooring that sinks in a very high traffic and noticeable area.

At the time of making the decision to go with Jordans, both at the measure and assessment stage and again in the store when finallizing the deal, we were told that there would be no problem with laying a piece of flooring over a section of the sub floor in our kitchen. This was to be done to ensure that we would not have any issues with the floor dipping in that spot, as we had recently renovated our kitchen and had removed a cupboard that used to come across the kitchen floor. The new kitchen left this area open, and so the new flooring needed to be done to now cover this. We were assured that they could and would do exactly that.

Today, March 21, the area of concern was not properly prepared and the new flooring was glued down onto it, even after the area was discussed at length. Prior to the gluing we had questioned again whether it was ready for the flooring to go down. We were told that it was good and all would be okay. When the new flooring was in place, it was very clear that it wasn't okay, that there was in fact a very noticeable dip and line where the old floor and the subfloor that was there dipped.

When Jordans was called and told of the matter, George Vass, who had done the measure and on-site assessment came out to have a look for himself. He kept insisting that he could not see or feel any difference in the area and continued to try to ignore the problem by not addressing it. When my husband arrived and tried to reason with him, it was the same story. Even when shown with a straight edge, so that he would be able to see the gap between the straight edge and the new flooring, he still continued to deny the problem and did not seem at all interested in offering a solution for us.

The installer packed up his tools, and both he and George left, with the promise that he would be calling shortly with some kind of an answer to us. We had said that we wanted our money back, and that we would now have to pay more to someone else to fix the problem, but would rather do that than to continue to go with Jordans. This was mainly due to the unprofessionl way in which George was responding to the issue at hand. Well, it is almost closing time for Jordans, and still no call from George. I guess we reall did not expect one.

We plan to get our money back, but do want others to be aware that even though Jordans says they offer quality and provide the best value and service; in fact; they say it is more than a promise, it is a commitment, they obviously DO NOT.

The right thing to do would be to fix the problem, at no extra cost to us as we didn't create the problem, they did. And if they can't, then give us our money back and pay for what it is now going to cost us to have the floor properly prepped and done the way it should have been done in the first place.


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