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Jones Ford / extremely poor service from service dept

1 United States

took car for mechanical work specified what problems were being either a belt or water-pump was screaming, I wanted an over all fluid and belt check, shake from brakes had been an on-going problem, low coolant light staying on and a popping noise after the car had been driven a little while at slow speed, he said "oh that is probably just the rubber bushing on the tie-rod", was called back with a price for repair being $1, 800.00 including one other thing they had found costing $200.00 more than quote of $1, 800.00 bringing total of #2, 000.00 they said it was a sensor and that the check engine light would not go out unless I fixed it and would not be able to have it pass inspection that I should fix it now, I thought about it and told them to fix it. When I was called after them having car 7 days saying it was ready and completed price was #262.00 higher than was quoted and also that they did not fix the water pump or the popping noise, they claimed they could not hear either. When I took my car up there it had a full tank of gas and I had just set the mileage indicator on it. They drove my car 355 miles and used the entire tank of gas. The first thing the service manager told me that he had driven my car all over the place and what a good car it was. They also washed it and I could not understant why. I was not happy with the price and I voiced it. Service manager told me if car still had the screaming and popping noise to bring it back and they would fix it at no additional cost. I also have a wittness to it. After driving it home and finding the same problems other than the shaking, I called them back. The service manager told me the mechanic had to go out of town and to bring it back the following week. I did so. When I drove up in the parking lot with it screaming I called a mechanic over to wittness the problem. He even got a stethascope to listen to it and told the service manager that it was the water-pump. I got the service manager to ride with me in the parking lot and he identified the poppiong sound and once again as the beginning stated that it was probably just a rubber bushing on the tie-end rods. Well I left my car and went over my receipt well to find that they had replaced the front left tie rod and stabelizer. I called 3 other mechanics and auto places and was told the rubber bushing came with the tie-rod in the first place. So I really don't know if they even did the tie-rods to begin with. When I got in my car to leave after the first visit, and I have a wittness to this also, the radio was blasting when I cranked the car and the air-conditioner was wide open. If it were being test driven for noises how could they hear anything and why did it take 355 miles and a full tank of gas not to be able to detect it? I refused to pay the additional $355.00 for the water pump he decided to try to deny there would be no charge for and then he enformed me he would not work on my car again. Now the OD light is flashing, I have never seen this light on in the car before. He said it needed to also have the transmission fluid flushed for an additional $159.00. But that shold have also been pdentified at the fluid check I paid them to do that they claimed was fine other than changing my oil. I read the manual on the OD light flashing and it suggests not to drive the car or it will destroy the transmission. Now I have a empty pocket and a car that I cannot even drive and also a refusal for the Ford company there to work on it, which I would feel very leary of them doing so now anyway.

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